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Knox alerts on Samsung SM-G950U

Hope this is the proper forum. I'm guessing this is a 'Knox' problem. My phone worked perfectly for months, but in the last month I get a Know notification 5-8 times a day - almost always associated with my Ring doorbell. Motion at the door triggers Knox (tap here to enter Knox) followed immediately by Ring (There is motion at your front door).
The Knox notification is so fast I only see it on my phone for 0.5 seconds, but it displays on my S3 watch long enough I can read it. Notification History doesn't show the Knox alert but does show the Ring alert. How do I get rid of these notifications?


#1 old_codger, Feb 8, 2018
Any ideas where I can ask this and get an answer?
#2 old_codger, May 22, 2018

There are times where Samsung Knox Support may require log file information to determine the cause of a particular device behavior issue. In those cases, IT admins should use the SysDump tool to get logs from the device.

To get logs using SysDump:

  1. Launch the Phone app; enter *#9900#
  2. Tap Run dumpstate/logcat.
  3. This procedure saves logs to internal storage: /data/log/dumpState_yyyymmddn.log (for example: /data/log/dumpstate_201307081.log).
  4. Tap Copy to sdcard.
  5. Launch My Files.
  6. Go to /log folder.
  7. Share the log file with Samsung Knox Support via email, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Dropbox, etc.
To use SysDump to capture log files on tablets

  1. Launch the Calculator app.
  2. Enter (+30012012732+ to enter Factory Mode.
  3. Enter *#9900#
  4. Tap Run dumpstate/logcat.
  5. Tap Copy to sdcard.
#3 KBU2, May 22, 2018
I presume, by "the Phone App" you mean "Knox." I can't find Know by Settings>Apps nor by swiping up on a screen and typing Search. Worse, "Apps" on my watch doesn't show "Knox."
Therein, I think, is part of the problem. Knox is throwing notifications, but 'doesn't exist' on my phone.
#4 old_codger, May 22, 2018
Just a followup. Samsung Knox doesn't exist on my S8 or my S3 watch, yet, I'm still getting alerts. I'D REALLY like to know how to find/disable Knox. Failing that, where do I find "Samsung Knox Support."
#5 old_codger, Jun 10, 2018
#6 Fucoff, Jun 12, 2018