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Support Launcher has stopped

After I booted up my Nexus 7 (2013) today and the homepage loaded compketely, I turned the tablet ti landscape position and was greeted by a black screen wirt a popup that read "Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped" with the options to Repory or OK. I got the 4.4.4 update a couple of days ago. Anyone else with this issue.


#1 N7AS, Jun 26, 2014
This started after I installed some Android Forums apps. I unubstalled them in reverse order (I think) and found that one of them at a time. I had to uninstall all 4 of them and this seemed to fix the issue. I hope.
#2 N7AS, Jun 26, 2014
I am having the same problem with the launcher stopping when I turn the tablet to landscape mode. "The Launcher has stopped"

When I bring up Xfinity TV, to watch something, I can watch in landscape mode ok. But after I exit and turn to landscape the problem begins again.

I am getting ready to dump the Nexus 7 for something else.

Is there anything that will fix this?
#3 N7AS, Aug 10, 2014
Nexus 7 (2013)is still the best 7 inch tab around, in my opinion. Get the google experience launcher from the play store. Or nova launcher. Or go into settings/applications/all and go to launcher and clear data in it. But google experience launcher is what you should be using.
#4 Madbat, Aug 19, 2014
I searched for google experience launcher and came up with Google Now Launcher. Is that the one? I also went to settings/apps and could not fimd the launcher listed. So how can I clear the data from it if I can't find it?

This thing is driving me nuts.
#5 N7AS, Aug 20, 2014
Yep google now launcher.
And I know that the launcher is in settings/apps/all/launcher, go through the list again and you'll see it. But try the google now launcher and see if that helps.
#6 Madbat, Aug 20, 2014
I still could not find the default launcher but did install the Google Now Launcher. I see that it only has 2 homescreens, the main and something else to the left. What is this? Can I add more homescreens?
#7 N7AS, Aug 20, 2014
To the left is google now. That's the great part, easy access to google now. To add a home screen just drag an app to the right edge and it will make another screen.
#8 Madbat, Aug 20, 2014