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General LG 306g running android?

I have an LG 306G on Tracfone. I can tell it runs Android in the background for a few reasons. First, When you hold down Power and Volume Down (while booting up), it tries to go to the recovery menu, but ends up at a black screen and goes back to the normal boot screen. Second, it has a pattern lock. Lastly, it glitched once and showed the Android 2.x status bar. I was wondering, how can I expose Android that it's running in the background so I can use it as an android phone (and not a java phone?) I would desperatley like to flash it and put android 1.6 or 2.x, or simply get rid of the crappy launcher that it has stock. How can I do that? Is it even possible (I know it is but is it reasonable?) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: It also has infinite scrolling on the home screen, panoramic wallpapers, widgets, shortcuts (obviously) and when you pull down in the home screen (from the top of the screen), it gives you something similar to the Control Center in iOS (it has options for bluetooth, airplane mode, wifi, alarm, music, ect.)


#1 bigdog00, Feb 1, 2015
Glad to have you on the site bigdog00 :)

From what I could find online the LG 306g doesn't have Android installed, but the screenshots do look similar to Android. Putting Android on it would require designing a custom Android ROM for the phone (unfortunately you can't use one made for a different model phone).

Does it have a way to download apps and games? If so there might be other launchers.
#2 kate, Feb 2, 2015
yes, You can install java apps. I cant seem to find any launchers though. Are there any Roms that could be modded or that I could put on it?
#3 bigdog00, Feb 2, 2015
It might be possible, but not my area of expertise. You could ask in our Official Unloved Devices Hit Squad forum:
#4 kate, Feb 2, 2015
Thanks, I'll check it out!
#5 bigdog00, Feb 2, 2015
hey, I also have this phone, and I found a way to increase the battery life. if you have a slightly new phone called the LG L40, or any of its many variants, the battery from that phone fits the battery spot on the the 306g, and is 3.8 volts instead of 3.7 volts. just wanted to share this with the people on this site. I'm sure you could also buy the battery without buying the other phone
#6 trenten brown, Jan 20, 2016
Welcome to our AndroidForums, Trenten :).

Thank you for the follow-up information about the LG L40 battery also fitting the 306g.

#7 scary alien, Jan 21, 2016