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General LG Bridge Software on Windows

The LG Bridge software has 3 funtions:

1. wirelessly transfer files between the phone and your PC
2. Back up the phone to your PC
3. Check for and install updates on your phone

The first function uses the Airdrive functionality on the V20 and works. Function 2 and 3 require a USB connection to the PC. The protocol that it requires is MTP. Since MTP is not a supported protocol over USB on the V20, those functions do not presently work.

Does anyone know if there will be a newer version coming up that just supports the file transfer method via USB or an update to the phone? Does anyone have a different version that supports all functions with the V20?


#1 mlknez1, Nov 2, 2016
I've not tried it.

I was going to try to see if the widows feature that uses BT to mirror your phone would work. I see people at the office using it with their apples and galaxys

wouldn't work on my note 3 for some reason.

let's you send and read your text messages, place calls and stream music off to your computer. I wouldn't use the last part.

now for pure file transfer I just use a cable and windows explorer on my win 10 laptop at home. worked great and I even used a newer USB3.0 to C cable so it was fast as smurf to.

Otherwise I have used wifi and Estrongs file explorer to pull off a samba share (my main NAS box). Works pretty well - hell it was rather fast too since I got 802 AC to connect at 833.

Backing up the phone - I also use that wifi and NAS BOX - and tasker to resync some folders. Still need to finish that setup but it's what I use to use on my note 3 also. No reliance on a cloud or other service to see my stuffs.
#2 Napalm, Nov 9, 2016