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Lg keyboard stopped working

i have an LG VOLT and today I suddenly kept getting a message saying Unfortunately, the LG Keyboard has stopped working. I tried shutting off the phone and restarting it but it didn't help. (I did this twice). I had to switch over to the Android keyboard, which I do not like as much, but for the time being, it seems to work. Does anyone know how I can fix it so I can use the LG keyboard again? Thank you in advance


#1 Android Question, Nov 14, 2014
Some say to go to settings and clear the data from the LG keyboard app, but that only worked for one day for me, so I went to Play Store and did a voice search for 'Keyboard' and chose Keyboard Red, made that my default, and that worked for me.
Google warned that it could be a keylogger, but many like it and I only use this phone for games and GPT sites anyway, so I wouldn't care.
#2 lewie2s, Jan 10, 2017