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Support LG Optimus F6 Lollipop Update - bogus or not?

I took a break after unlocking, rooting, moving files/apps to External microSD using Link2SD (a version obtained by torrent), and de-bloating my MetroPCS LG Optimus F6 (MS500).

After a couple months of normal use, it's been running worse and worse--locking up, long lag times, closing programs in the middle of use, etc.

So yesterday, I did a search for "LG F6 update" and found these two suspicious links (because they want the user to acquire some "downloader" to obtain the alleged Android 5.0 files and watch a video, which I've experienced on Torrent Sites and are usually loaded with malware or worse):



If you look at them, they're obviously from the same entity.


  1. Any comment on those links and viability of some Android 5.0 Lollipop update (much needed for anyone with this LG F6)?
  2. Any step-by-step guide to getting my existing F6 back in decent working order? BTW, I did not hack the OS, just what's bolded in the first line above.


#1 healthylaff, Mar 12, 2015 Last edited: Mar 12, 2015
Those links are obvious shams.

As for your lag issues they can stem from everything being on what probably isn't a fast external sd card. It should be a class 10 from a decent brand.

Now I'm not suggesting you're an app pirate, but if you download any paid apps from shady pirate sites there's many times they come with malware inside the apk. So if you have any apps of the sort, I would start there. I gave this suggestion to someone that had the same issues you have and presto, removing those apps fixed the issues for him.
#2 GameTheory, Mar 12, 2015
I'm well aware of the quality issues with SD cards and use a 32GB class-10 Samsung EVO purchased from Best Buy retail store, so I don't think it's the card.

I don't have Link2SD Plus & did get "Lite" from a torrent.

Should I buy the Link2SD Plus or will the Lite version from the Google Play Store be okay?


And finally, any movement on a USA Android software update for the F6?
#3 healthylaff, Mar 12, 2015
Nah there won't be any firmware update from LG. They went back on their word as usual. If you would like to check yourself every now and then for a firmware update HERE is where you would see it before you get the ota update to your phone. I stopped checking last year lol.

The lite version of link2sd should be fine if you don't need to move app data. I have video tutorials HERE for link2sd if it's of any use to you.

Now what I would recommend is the best known solution for the F6 to expand the internal storage which is more reliable than link2sd...
#4 GameTheory, Mar 12, 2015
I checked out your links--thanks! I definitely want to do this and forego Link2SD Plus.

With my skill level and tolerance for risk (messing up my phone), this is a bit cryptic for me:

  1. Partition the SD card: 1st partition=fat32, 2nd=ext4
  2. Boot into recovery
  3. Flash the appropriate zip file(s)
    • If rom has init.d support, flash DataOnSD-initd.zip
    • Otherwise, flash DataOnSD-copy.zip and then DataOnSD-install.zip
  4. Reboot into system

Could you please spell this out (as in step-by-step clicks) so that I'm sure I'm doing the right thing?

Also, a few brief questions:

  • I believe I installed the CWM recovery during my initial tweaking... how do I check to see if it's there and working properly?
  • Currently I have Link2SD installed and lots of data defaulting there. Can I remove that microSD safely (using the instructions about properly unmounting it before removal), then format a new microSD, per the instructions with your http://androidforums.com/threads/sd-hack-for-storage-expansion.908126/ link and go from there, without doing anything else special?
  • I'd certainly be willing to reinstall all of my apps with the new memory expansion goes well
  • What would you recommend for backing everything up before starting? I have Titanium Backup installed but really haven't used it yet.

I apologize for my ignorance, but I'm willing and able to learn!
#5 healthylaff, Mar 16, 2015
Sorry about the cryptic instructions. I hope to add more info to my SD hack thread this week.
#6 WarrantyVoider, Mar 17, 2015
Get the L90 D415. Same price as the F6 is T-Mobile. Unlock and your Metro SIM should work.
#7 LoopyD, Mar 20, 2015
It also has a bootloader unlock method and CM12 Lollipop patch. The F6 is dead. Sorry guys.
#8 LoopyD, Mar 20, 2015
The D415 doesn't do UMTS band 1 (2100 MHz) while the F6 does, so at least the F6 can get 3G data internationally. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
#9 WarrantyVoider, Mar 21, 2015
Well poop. Looks like I have to get a travel phone now. I'm supposed to go to the UK.
#10 LoopyD, Mar 21, 2015