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Support Live wallpaper on LOCK screen??

So I've managed to put a live wallpaper on my home screen(s) but I was wondering is it possible to put a live wallpaper (the same one if need be) on my lock screen as at the moment it's still the default image on there. Cheers.


#1 Cloverfield, Jul 1, 2014
I don't believe this will be a possibility. This phone has the KitKat OS. As using a live wallpaper for your lockscreen is not a feature that is within KitKat, odds are pretty good that it won't be available for this phone, either. Of course, we won't know for definite until the phone is in all of our hands, but still, I wouldn't count on it.
#2 pandacookie, Jul 5, 2014
That's crazy. How hard can it be? Thanks for your reply.
#3 Cloverfield, Jul 6, 2014
Well, live wallpapers just aren't designed to be used as lock screen wallpaper. Never have been, and I'm not sure why, excatly. Could be power consumption issues, could be limitations to the OS. Maybe one day they will be. They just aren't right now.

EDIT: you could instead use a lock screen alternative, such as WidgetLocker, to spruce up your lockscreen. It may not be a live wallpaper, but it's something.
#4 pandacookie, Jul 6, 2014
I THINK it can/could be done,as the LG G-FLEX has something like a live wallpaper/widget hybrid,if you will:

The (native) wallpaper I have on the FLEX lockscreen changes/evolves at dusk/dawn & the view even changes when you tilt the screen.

Check it out when you go pick up the G3.I wouldn't be surprised to see it on the G3,for that matter.
#5 KOLIO, Jul 6, 2014
Yeah, but that's native to the OS. I think he's talking using a live wallpaper from the Play Store. Will using one of those be possible?
#6 pandacookie, Jul 6, 2014
That's kinda what the OP/I was getting at,why not on the lockscreen/changeable,as a user app,as it is on the home screen(s).

I never really thought about it,but,why not,as you can set-up the lockscreen to where you have enough short cuts to get to what you use on a daily basis.

With the help of using apps from the store,one could set-up the lockscreen to where you don't need to get into the rest of the phone.
So,looking at it from that point of view,a live wallpaper on a lockscreen would seem like a reasonable expectation.

I've bought a few that I really like (OCEAN HD),especially on a tablet,but,rarely use live w/p on my phones.

Hopefully,the OP will find something suitable until this feature becomes available,whether it be via the Play Store,or,better yet,implemented via the O/S.
#7 KOLIO, Jul 6, 2014
That's what I was thinking/saying, too.
#8 pandacookie, Jul 8, 2014
I had checked the option to have the weather animated on the lockscreen but the only time I have seen it work is when we had a thunder shower the other day. Am I missing something or not touching the screen in the right spot or does it only work with a storm?
#9 Kuhns787, Jul 15, 2014
Live wallpaper works just fine on the lock screen of my Z Ultra KitKat phone, so this issue has nothing to do with kitKat.

Stay tuned, I am getting my G3 today :D
#10 Maine Coon, Jul 15, 2014
did any of you try Holo Locker https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobint.locker&hl=en ?
#11 Maine Coon, Jul 15, 2014
I emailed LG and it turns out there's no way to have a live wallpaper on the lockscreen. Sorry guys :(
#12 Cloverfield, Jul 15, 2014

Then why is it not an option on any other Kitkat phone? Sounds more like the manufacturer of your phone did some tinkering to make it work.
#13 pandacookie, Jul 15, 2014

Holo locker works fine on LG G3 and your locked screen will have the same live wallpaper as the "regular" screen.
#14 Maine Coon, Jul 15, 2014
I have no idea why.

As I just said it works perfectly with LG G3, LG F6 and Sony Z Ultra.
#15 Maine Coon, Jul 15, 2014
Well I think the best reason would be the battery.. Live Wallpaper does use extra battery to run..
#16 Gremlin256, Jul 16, 2014
very true..I still use it.

Because I like it :D
#17 Maine Coon, Jul 16, 2014
It only works when there's active weather (rain, snow, storms, etc). Makes sense when you think about it-what would it show for a clear and sunny day?

Just for those who are considering the G3 and wondering what the animation looks like, here's my screen right now (we're having a very rainy night)
#18 HisGirlFriday, Aug 22, 2014
This is interesting. I have the EVO 4G LTE and I love the live weather on my homescreen and having the weather as a the background instead of a picture.

I love the weather animations as I think they are cool.

I wish live weather was an option.
#19 KENNECTED, Aug 27, 2014
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#20 forumprouser, Sep 8, 2014