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Locate phone using IMEI on ATT network

I lost my phone. Samsung Captivate on ATT.
Battery ran out. I tried calling but did not pick up, and mylookout doesn't seem to be working as well. It's possible that whoever has my phone has switched out the sim card.

That leaves out the IMEI, which is encoded into the actual phone. Can I locate the phone using the IMEI?


#1 stgermaine, Oct 29, 2011
I highly doubt it and if you could it would only be to a few km which is no where near a small enough area to find it
#2 adi19956, Oct 29, 2011
If you report it stolen, whoever switched out the SIM will be no longer able to use it.
#3 A.Nonymous, Oct 29, 2011
In short, there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to track the IMEI of the phone. ATT can, but they won't.
#4 IOWA, Oct 30, 2011
Dammit, AT&T!!! Would it be possible to make a reverse 911 call and use that to track the phone down?

Well, it seems the best I can do is blacklist the phone. How would I do that?
#5 stgermaine, Oct 30, 2011
reverse 911 call??? how about just a regular call thats how every cell phone can be tracked....however if you lost it and the battery is dead, there is NOTHING that can locate it except another person who actually picks it up.

ANY wireless carrier wont spend the time and resources to "look" for EVERY lost or stolen phone out there.

your only option is to report it lost/stolen to AT&T and make a police report. this way if someone tried to activate it (which they cant) with a new sim they will be denied. if they take that device to a store to try and get service with it, the store will confiscate the phone and probably call the cops (likely not gonna happen)

in short.... your phone is gonzo....

#6 james515, Oct 30, 2011