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Low price refill cards for T-Mobile?

Hey i wanted to know if you guys know of any place that sells low price refills.

I use this guy ebay.com/itm/121224923270 and he sells them for $94.95

but is there a even lower price out there so i dont have to pay so much still?

thanks in advance.


#1 mossfrost, Nov 28, 2013
I used to use CallingMart or RefillMobi, but T-Mobile has cut down on the discounts they offer to these bulk resellers so it's getting harder to find a good discount.

I haven't yet gone the eBay route because I've talked to several people who inadvertently purchased stolen/invalid PINs that way.
#2 codesplice, Nov 29, 2013
Do a search here and you find previous discussion on this. Let me know if you cant find it.
#3 chong67, Nov 29, 2013
I know this is not the section for it but considering the price I got to mention it.

Straight talk $45 plan now uses LTE, FOR BOTH T MOBILE AND ATT.

they have a 2.5gb then throttle just like the $60 t mobile plan but even better they do not throttle every time you hit 2.5 like t mobile does.

I think its hit or miss but I hit 3.2 gb this month and no throttle.
#4 new optimus, Nov 30, 2013
So are you guys saying if I want a $50 refill card, I may can find one that cost less then $50? Is this what you all mean?

#5 saptech, Dec 2, 2013
Some times,

Though depends on which carrier you mean, online venders sometimes get discount deals (usually for buying in bulk) but the straight talk cards are $45 that is the monthly cost.
#6 new optimus, Dec 2, 2013
And the Straight Talk cards don't do anything for someone looking to refill their T-Mobile account...
#7 codesplice, Dec 3, 2013
Sometimes, though as I mentioned they're getting harder and harder to come across. Still, I think that a lot of the various resellers will sell (for instance) a $50 card for $50 without the tax that T-Mobile would add on if you purchased straight from them.

To that end, I just purchased a $50 refill from CallingMart for exactly $50. If I had purchased that refill direct from T-Mobile it would have an additional $5.60 in tax.
#8 codesplice, Dec 3, 2013
Additionally, while it isn't much, Callingmart gives "Reward Points" which is basically 1% of your total purchase. So if you buy a $50 card, the next month you will have 50 Reward points and, if you chose to use them, you can buy a card for $49.50. It's not much but does make it a bit cheaper.
#9 mogelijk, Dec 3, 2013
Yep, I've racked up ~$20 of rewards points - both through purchases and referrals. Pretty shnifty.
#10 codesplice, Dec 3, 2013
I mentioned the Straight talk because he asked just after I mentioned they have a $45 plan.
also t mobile charges sales tax. Calling mart used to give a $50 refill for $42 but that was when they got discounted rates from t mobile, and they do not need to charge sales tax so they can give the card for the $50 price without tax.;):p
#11 new optimus, Dec 3, 2013
Actually, whether sales tax is charged depends on the state; it has (or at least legally should) have nothing to do with the carrier. I will admit, some states have very weird rules about sales tax for phone service.
#12 mogelijk, Dec 3, 2013
I think it has to do with your billing address.

But I believe your correct if you have one of the few states that do not charge sales tax you dont pay it.
#13 new optimus, Dec 3, 2013
I think it has to do with having a physical store in your state for taxes. That is why T-Mobile charge taxes and probably why Calllingmart may not.
#14 saptech, Dec 3, 2013
It is a curse to have a physical store in your state. Amazon use to be tax free in GA. Now only Newegg is left and I hope it last a long long time for me.
#15 chong67, Dec 3, 2013
There are two issues here. First is the sales tax laws in a state: for example, California is one of the states that does not charge sales tax on phone service (at least from what I have heard).

Texas sales tax laws are rather odd: there is no sales tax on "service", so technically there is no sales tax on your phone service. Where Texas gets weird is that they charge sales tax on "calling cards" because you are getting a physical product -- the card. Kind of stupid, but that is apparently how the law reads. Of course, weirder still, there is no sales tax on store gift cards, so it isn't really consistent.

As for a company not having a "physical presence", that is also true -- if a store does not have a location in a state they will not charge sales tax -- which is why Callingmart does not charge sales tax in states with a sales tax.

Having said that, remember many states require you to pay sales tax on items purchased on the Internet (or out of state) where you didn't pay the state sales tax. Few people actually pay that tax, but it is the law in many states.
#16 mogelijk, Dec 3, 2013
That is apparently true, My dad lives in Cali and bought a refill card from walmart and never paid sales tax.
#17 new optimus, Dec 3, 2013
Law are very weird indeed.

We can talk about phone purchase too. Some store will open the box to verify the content of phone before you leave. Other store will not open the box. I might want to do a study next time buying a phone at a store where neighborhood are rich VS the other 54% population store to see which would open my box.

If you want your box unopened, buy it online from the store website n it will ship to you unopened.
#18 chong67, Dec 4, 2013
Got me another refill $45 for $50. Got another refill $46 for $50. I got some ebay bucks. No tax. Both sellers got 400+ feedback. All you have to do is keep on looking like a fisherman and ye shall find your prize. That's all folks.
#19 chong67, Dec 5, 2013