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Support M8 TV Box Firmware

I'm curious what the most up to date firmware is for the standard M8, currently I'm on kitkat and I'd like to know if Lollipop or higher is supported as unfortunately Kodi's latest version 17 is unsupported on my device.

I've had a quick look over the internet but drawn a blank.


#1 Richard123, Feb 4, 2017
As with all these cheapo devices like M8, MX, MXQ, it all depends when and who made it. Most of the current ones seem to be coming with either Lollipop or Marshmallow now. As for upgrade from an older Kitkat one, check with the vendor where you bought it.
#2 mikedt, Feb 5, 2017
I've had mine for about two years, fairly certain I got it from some Chinese eBay vendor although can't remember for the life of me.

Does anyone share the latest firmware?

Or is it possible to rip the software off a newer one?
#3 Richard123, Feb 5, 2017
There are a lot of m8 tv boxes, do you know which version is,like chip or motherboard?
#4 Chetnick, Feb 5, 2017
Standard M8, Mali 450 8 core.
ARMv7 processor rev 1.
Android version 4.4.2.
Kernal version 3.10.33.

That's about all the information I know how to look up, does any of it help?
#5 Richard123, Feb 5, 2017
You can try to open tv box and you will see revision of your mother board and chip like rk3188 ....etc.
You need to know your mother board and chip to flash rom
#7 Chetnick, Feb 6, 2017

Hey sorry for the late reply I didn't see your message until last night, opened the box for you to see, noticed the steel plate for extra weight lol...

Will I need to take the heat sink off the chip as well?
#8 Richard123, Feb 7, 2017 Last edited: Feb 14, 2017
Yes,is nothing inside :D.
Like you see your version of motherboard is M8 V8_1 201501418,this last numbers is date of production.
From this point you can find all specs and roms for this motherboard.
I post you link with m8 product on geekbuying
This link is from freaktab forum where someone have problem with same tv box
#9 Chetnick, Feb 7, 2017

Found this link, version 7.0.2 is the latest for my box but can't see any documentation :O

Here is a how to guide on installing OpenELEC
#10 Richard123, Feb 7, 2017 Last edited: Feb 7, 2017
OpenELEC-Amlogic-MXiiiG - http://adf.ly/12297117/mxiiig-update
OpenELEC-Amlogic Minix x8HP6.0 - http://adf.ly/1Vfxnq
OpenELEC-Amlogic-M8-6.0 - http://adf.ly/1VLUcI
OpenELEC-Amlogic-M8S-6.0 - http://adf.ly/1VLV3J
OpenELEC-Amlogic-M8S+-6.0 - http://adf.ly/1VLUvn
OpenELEC-Amlogic-S82-6.0 - http://adf.ly/1VLV89
OpenELEC-Amlogic-MXQ -6.0 - http://adf.ly/1VLqJz
#11 Chetnick, Feb 7, 2017
Please backup your rom first and then try to install right one for M8
#12 Chetnick, Feb 7, 2017
Do you have a decent guide for this? Thanks
#13 Richard123, Feb 7, 2017
Look on video tutorial how to get in recovery mode,from there you have option to backup and restore,or from tv box system
Save backup file on pc just in case if something goes wrong.
#14 Chetnick, Feb 7, 2017
I really can't find a decent guide on backing up stock firmware on these TV boxes.
#15 Richard123, Feb 14, 2017 Last edited: Feb 14, 2017
I can tell you I didn't backup my device but I un-bricked the device with the image below, the only problem I faced is that my small infrared remote does not work.

TWRP is the needed software to backup your device. Try the link below for this backup:

Then to flash your device you need a shield USB cable A-A connected to the most left USB port of the device, the one near SD slot. Then using USB burning tool perform the below steps:
press the toothstick and keep it pressed, with no power supply connect the USB cable but having the USB Burning Tool opened. You will see connected. Then import the image below and flash the device, you will have a nice surprise of working device with Lollipop 5.1.1


Best regards,
#16 Kropex, Feb 28, 2017
I'm not 100% sure my CPU will support 5.1, at the moment I will probably just stick with what I have as I really don't want to brick the device.
#17 Richard123, Mar 5, 2017
For my device it works great and I can tell you that I had it bricked (a black box non usable), I had no chance just to try. And now, I have the image saved, and I can try anything I want to upgrade or to change in flash, because anytime it seems bricked I reflash with the image already working. So I'm happy that I'm not afraid of any try of flashing, to discover the best package for my desire BOX TV.
#18 Kropex, Mar 7, 2017
What is your device? What hardware does it have?
Can you show pictures of it running 5.1 in the system information?
#19 Richard123, Mar 7, 2017
My device is OTT M8S. The hardware is, just what I know written onto the board, M9&M8_8bit_V1.1 2015/09/2
I attach two links with images with my device print screen got it remotely, because I'm also using TV for getting control from anywhere.

So I can say that I have M8Splus software with Lollipop 5.1.1 over a device M8S. One single part which is not working at this moment is the remote control, not available, so I'm using the USB wireless keyboard for the moment.

In this link you can see my device as picture and remote control:
#20 Kropex, Mar 7, 2017 Last edited: Mar 7, 2017
Yeah the M8S uses a later chip set than the M8 I'm afraid, and again at this time I will wait until potential bricking my device.

Thanks for you input and knowledge though.
#21 Richard123, Mar 8, 2017
Hey there did you ever get lollipop on that m8 box ? working
#22 robw1uk, Sep 14, 2017