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MediaMonkey and Playlists

From my research, I've found that this seems to be an ongoing problem...

First off, let me lay this out there for any Google Execs who may be reading: Create a media player app for Windows/Mac which will sync music AND playlists (along with ID3's - including lyrics) to Android phones.

MediaMonkey does a good job of copying audio files over to the SD card. Big deal, I can do that manually. I don't want to have to use my iPod anymore. I want my Hero to be my Phone/Media Center. It is a royal pain to go through on the phone itself to create playlists.

Bottom line... Has anybody had any luck creating playlists on a PC (whether it be with iTunes, MediaMonkey, WMP, etc) and then syncing those same playlists to your HERO?!

I LOVE everything about my Hero except for this downfall... :thinking:


#1 Wiskid, Feb 22, 2010
I use MediaMonkey to sync my playlists with my Hero with no problem. I do have the Gold version of MM, which was $20 if I remember correctly.
#2 jbreakfield, Feb 22, 2010

Can you provide a bit of a step-by-step guide for your process? Could you also provide screenshots of your config page? I mean, I've tried everything. In my config for my phone on MM, I have all the playlists checked. And no playlists appear on my phone.

I should mention, that in order for my music to sync I have to select the songs I want to sync. For instance, if I want all the songs in a given playlist to sync, I need to Ctrl + a within that list and then hit sync.

#3 Wiskid, Feb 22, 2010
I'm at work now, but I'll see what I can do tonight. I haven't done it lately, so I'll have to jog my memory a little. I know I never had to select more than just the playlist.

If you're where you can try it, right click on the playlist in MediaMonkey, and select the "Send To" option, then select the Hero from the list... I think that's how I did it...
#4 jbreakfield, Feb 22, 2010
The easiest way to add your playlist is to drag and drop. If you have your playlist on itunes, win media player, or in my case zune; all you do it

1. Create the playlist on yo PC, using whatever software you use
2. Sync the playlist (i.e. songs) to your Phone
3. Go to the music folder on your PC and open up the "Playlist" folder
4. Drag and drop the playlist you have synced into your media card's "Music" folder
5. Open up your media player on your phone and voila there they are
#5 Xavion2004, Feb 22, 2010
Here's what works for me using MediaMonkey:

1. Create your playlist on the PC in MediaMonkey (I use the "Tree" view to browse my media, and you'll need the Tree view later)

2. Connect your Hero to the PC and Mount the SD card; Hero will show up in the MM Tree view as a "Removable Disk" with a drive letter

3. In the Tree view, go to the playlist that you want to put on your Hero

4. Right click on the playlist, select the "Send To" option; select the drive letter corresponding to your Hero from the list

5. Playlist is created on the Hero, and all files are copied

6. Unmount your Hero, and the Playlist now shows up in the media player app :cool:

This copies all the track info and album art that you have associated with your songs... I've never done anything with lyrics, so I'm not sure about that part of your question.

Hope this helps!

- I also use the "right click - Send To" method to create my Playlists in MediaMonkey, rather than drag/drop... just a preference thing.
#6 jbreakfield, Feb 22, 2010
I use Media Monkey free and WMP to do it... For MM, I do have to mount the usb connection - THEN - open MM... HTC Hero appears in the tree - I right click on HTC Hero - select configure device - and click the playlists tab... From there I select the playlists I want to synchronize... From then on it always worked for me... When I want to sync playlists I just right click on Hero then select Auto-Sync and it updates my playlists...
#7 nickc71, Feb 22, 2010

Whew. You saved me from going insane!! So, it's a little more of a manual process than I would like... but IT WORKS! I still would like a 1-click sync dealio, but this will do for now.

Once again, thanks so much!
#8 Wiskid, Feb 23, 2010
All your posts are very helpful but did anyone have an issue with their playlists not importing? When I downloaded MM it asked if I wanted to scan for music on my computer etc. to import. I chose this option and figured that not only would my music be added to MM but my Playlists as well. I guess I was wrong because NONE of my playlists are in MM and it created a bunch of random playlists on it's own.

I really need help! This is my 5th program I have tried to use to try to work with iTunes and Syncing my music and playlists to my Evo.

#9 BlondeeLox, Aug 1, 2010
I had been successfully using MediaMonkey for some time, but recently had problems when I had to re-install the program. I couldn't get the playlists to show, even though the music was on the phone.

Eventually, it just worked. May be because I opened the native music app, rather than relying on widgets... or it may have been the 3 times I rebooted! Not really sure, but here are a few ideas to try!
#10 raw2k, Nov 28, 2010