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Metro PCS Phone Financing Option Available

Just an FYI, here in the Tampa area, and really in all of FL now, a lot of these dealers have a program now that finances the cost of these Metro phones. I went to the one by my house last night and they do it there. I believe it's 10% down then you make payments every payday, but you have to have a bank account. We are thinking about doing it for an S3 tonight or tomorrow, so I will let you know how it goes. It's an option for those of us that can't really drop that much all at once on a phone.You can also search the Cell Phones section on your local Craigslist and find dealers that are offering the program.

I will post an update on how it went once we go back up there and fill out the paperwork.



#1 lateralus73, Oct 25, 2012
This is awesome. Can you explain some more? Like how much a week and what is the total for the down payment, after metros other crazy charges or what not??
#2 bluesuga, Oct 25, 2012
I live in tampa also....what dealer did you go to ? sounds like a great way to get an s3
#3 indepenskter, Oct 25, 2012
#4 unnamedny, Oct 25, 2012
It is through a company called Progressive Financing, and it is a program they have rolled out to a lot of Metro PCS authorized dealers. You put down 10% then set up payments on your payday to ACH debit from your bank account. The application process took about 30 minutes and it does work. They have about an 80-85% approval rate. No credit check, just checking your bank to make sure you don't have a lot of NSF or overdrafts. Hello Unlimited wireless in Riverview is doing it, as well as the one on Kingsway in Brandon. The one by my house is as well. It is the Metro PCS store on Fowler in the Winn Dixie plaza where Fowler & 301 merge, right across from the Big Top Flea Market. They still seem to have plenty of S3's in stock.

Best of luck and let me know how it goes!

PS - Here is a link to another store on 56th Street doing it:

EDIT: No, I am not a dealer, just wanted to spread the word on this because I know how many people want these new phones but can't afford the cost all at once.
#5 lateralus73, Oct 26, 2012
So how much do they take out each time for the sgs3??
#6 bluesuga, Oct 26, 2012
I am doing as much as I can each time to get it over with sooner, but some of the places are saying they can work with you and do $20. Best bet is to get in there sometime this weekend and check, because you will be more than happy once you do!!:smokingsomb:
#7 lateralus73, Oct 26, 2012
The question I would be asking is how much are they charging to do this?

In other words how much more will the phone have cost you when you are done with the payment plan versus just saving the money and buying it out right. These plans are rarely a good idea.
#8 fdbryant3, Oct 26, 2012
I know theres a catch to this, of course they want to make money out of lending you money. But this works for me right now. Black friday is coming then xmas im not going to drop $500+ at one time if i dont have to.
#9 bluesuga, Oct 26, 2012
#10 THE W, Oct 29, 2012
Cool, i would be interested in something like this is the interest wasnt too much. I thought metro offered something similar to this on their website already?
#11 supersalvo, Oct 29, 2012

Thank you lol its funny because I used to work at that C. Chicken a long time ago lol. Will check this out tho.
#12 LeeoJohnson, Oct 31, 2012
Yes, I can confirm that you should start to see this in most Metro PCS stores nationwide. I am a sales broker for Progressive Finance. I can actually set-up any cell phone store that want to participate in the program. If you are a dealer and want to participate in this program give me a call at 615-823-1322 or visit expresssolutions.biz
I am really excited about this! As the holidays as soon approaching, this is something a lot of people will want to take advantage of!
#13 xpresstalk, Nov 3, 2012
uhm, there has to be an interest in this method...
#14 Jeyd02, Nov 3, 2012
If you qualify use eBay's bill-me-later. I've been checking ebay lately for any listings and almost daily there are listing for New SGsIII. Yesterday there was a listing only in aution and I asked the seller to sell it to me "buy it now" at $500. He was nice enough to let me "name my price" and that included shipping. so if you qualify for bill me later, definitely go for it. Just ordered mine last night! Yay me!!!! (mind you that I bought my gf's phone cash on the 22nd and have been on "hate-mode" since.
#15 okicu, Nov 7, 2012
First, I don't mean to denigrate anyone who has taken this deal, but.

This is just my .02, YMMV. And it likely does.

This deal kind of puts a bad taste in my mouth. Hey, I like a pa-jammin' phone as much as the next guy but it's just a damn phone. The sayin' Champagne' taste on a beer budget comes to mind. If you can afford to pay cash for the S3, please by all means Do It! OTOH, it's about the last item on the planet I'd "go into debt" for. No freekin' way. I just don't need nor will ever need a highest zootest phone that bad.

Bruce in Ocala, FL
#16 OcalaFlGuy, Nov 8, 2012

huge + 1
#17 unnamedny, Nov 10, 2012
Another HUGE +1. If you have not fully-funded your IRA and 401k for 2012, you have no business doing this. Buying a phone on time and credit is pure foolishness. Your future self will thank you if you keep your financial priorities in line. It's fun to get excited about toys and cool things to play with, but only reward yourself if you have already taken care of the important things.
#18 Carol2, Nov 10, 2012
I subscribed to this post cause I thought maybe someone would post the requirements by now, what do they ask for when you're trying to use this financing option? If they even ask for something. Or how much the interest is but I guess no yet. I would like to know. Thank you.
#19 bluesuga, Nov 10, 2012
0% interest for 36 months $500 down payment.
#20 unnamedny, Nov 10, 2012

Lmao smh.
#21 LeeoJohnson, Nov 14, 2012
Sound advice, indeed.....however, remember that a LOT of people are with Metro PCS not just because of the great service and lower pricing but also because they don't necessarily have the cash and or/credit that the larger providers require. In circumstances such as this when there is a $500 phone, obviously there will be people, like myself, who choose to go the finance route. That doesn't make us idiots or fools. Fine it doesn't work for you....but there are plenty of people that it does work for and I thought I would share the information. Congratulations, by the way, on being apparently very well-off and financially sound. ;)
#22 lateralus73, Nov 14, 2012
The key to getting that way is by making finacially sound decions (for what it is worth, I am not the poster boy for this) and not give in to immediate gratification. No one has yet to post the details for this but it still gets back to - if you can't buy it outright, save your pennies till you can. Choosing not to is a key reason why you may or may not be well off or financially sound.

The only reason for doing this is maybe if there is 0% option that you qualify for that you are certain you can pay off by the end of the term.
#23 fdbryant3, Nov 14, 2012
Well went over to forest lakes wireless here in Oldsmar.I bought two S3's today one for me and one for the wife. I used progressive financing they are real good for a net 90 If you pay it till end phone starts at 442 then with all payments made it ends up 700 and change. Also you pay ten percent down to start it. They have some s3s left so if you plan to get one head over there and speak with Imire sorry if I spelt it wrong. Enjoy your new S3
Typed from my Samsung Galaxy S3
#24 kb0sdq, Nov 30, 2012
so you end up paying 700 bucks for the s3?
#25 averagewonder, Dec 1, 2012
Sometimes I'm clueless, can I pay with PayPal bill me later at a MetroPCS store, or ebay only?
#45 Nintendo1889, Sep 24, 2014