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metropcs billing date question

I had brought my number I had for 8years to MetroPCS and my bill due date was on the 28th. I asked how can I change my bill due date to beginning of month. MetroPCS told me to let my payment lapse 7days after that the bill due date would be the day I made payment on. So I didnt pay for 7days. Then they say you have to be a customer for 6 months before I could have bill date changed. They never told me the second part untill I paid 7days late and wanted payment date changed. I had to pay for the month and the 7days did not move my payment due date. I think you have to not pay your bill for 60 or 90days before the say they can reissue you phone number to someone else. MetroPCS dose try to hold your number hostage.


#26 RockNRoll Mullet, Dec 24, 2014 Last edited: Dec 24, 2014
My phone was off since after March 26th (bill due date), and I managed to make a payment yesterday on the 26th of April. It was on and everything was fine, until this morning around 10am. Tried to send out a message and the next thing I know I wasn't able to send a message or make calls. Apparently I have to pay AGAIN for full activation; though I paid yesterday...Did I miss something here??
#27 Caz996, Apr 27, 2015
Yeah Metro should not be called Prepaid, I just moved to Metro from Straight Talk, and straight talk I get exactly a month from the day I buy Minutes, meaning my billing cycle always changes and I feel this is what Prepaid should be (only moved to Metro for the unlimited data)
#28 JMacSp, Apr 29, 2015
They call themselves Pay In Advance now, at least from what I have seen. Their due date policy is available as a FAQ on their website and listed in the information they give you when you sign up. Although I agree the Straight Talk option may be better for people who are not able to be pay their bill on time and do not use up their minutes/data allotment. Also, if you had Straight talk "unlimited" feel free to jump in on the Class Action Lawsuit - https://www.prepaidphonerefund.com/
#29 confed, Apr 29, 2015
I see the problem with this, and see a class action lawsuit in the future. Anytime you are paying for service that you are not receiving it is actionable.

There have been similar cases in the past. I am on my phone now or I would Lexus nexus some and cite them. I am sure you can Google the topic and find them on findlaw.
#30 Legalbulldog, Jul 30, 2015
I came here for the same reasons. My son has a different prepay date than me and my husband, who are on Page Plus. To make things easier and more organized I wanted all of our prepay dates to fall on the same day so I waited until today to turn my son's phone back on. Well I just found out that his prepay date will still be on the 24th. That is ridiculous and even more so that I have to pay $5 to change it. No it's not a lot of money but it doesn't make any sense. If I prepay for a 30 day service it is supposed to start the day I prepay every time...there should never be a set in stone prepay date for prepay service that's the most obsurd thing I've ever heard of from ANY prepaid service. I'm seriously considering switching him to Page Plus...they don't nickel and dime you over there and the coverage area is Verizon...awesome!
#31 April Perkins, Aug 10, 2015

Lets see...my prepaid cycle ends and I choose to go 3 days, for whatever reason, without refilling. Although I may still be able to call out using an app or use the internet via wifi, Metro PCS services are not accessible, except to make a payment. So if I want my phone turned back on I do not pay a 27 day prorated month, nor does Metro PCS simply just change my prepay date so that I can have a full 30 days of a service I paid full price for. They make me pay for a full 30 days of service and I only get service for 27 days.

I paid a full months rent...I choose to leave for 3 days. My family is still there, my dog, my furniture. Or lets say me and my whole family left for 3 days and no one is there. I'm still using the house, it is still fully accessible, they have not locked us out and our belongings are still there, although we are physically not. Or even if I move out and took all my belongings, guess what? The house is still accessible to me for the rest of the month I paid for.

If I am 3 days, 6 days, 9, 12 days late paying my rent on ANY lease, I am still allowed a full month access to my house, whether anyone is there or not. There would be no need for me to expect them to change my pay date.
Not so with Metro PCS. If my phone is off for 3 days I don't get phone service for 3 days, yet I'm still paying for 30 days worth of service instead of 27? And even worse I have to pay Metro PCS $5 to do what's right which is to change my prepaid date? That is absurb! And yes I do mean to do what is right because if they weren't wrong there wouldn't be class action lawsuits going on about this same shady business practice.

A class action lawsuit is sure to come.

I don't know what's more alarming, the fact that Metro PCS is doing this, or the people on here that agree with it.
#32 April Perkins, Aug 10, 2015
Pleasant and helpful but they lack actual technical know-how. Their fix for most things is. Just don't use it. I just switched to a Zmax and I wasn't able to make or receive calls over Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi calling was on and I had it set is the preferred method. Incoming calls would go right to voicemail and outgoing calls would immediately disconnect. Called Metro CS and the person on the phone just said "don't make calls over wifi". So I was digging around in the settings and found a setting for internet calls. I turned it on and now I can make and and receive calls over Wi-Fi. I don't understand how they don't have dedicated tech support people.
#33 bobnstpete, Aug 24, 2015
Watch those PCS people they will get you every time
#34 three trophies, Mar 1, 2016
Yes you did my friend, its all about the money with any thing on yo planet, and metro pcs is basically like all other service out there, they are saying shut the hell up and if you want service you dance to their music.. You cant let a whole month go by with metro r yo shit will be zapped meaning shut the **** off. I been there done that. Been with Metro since day one. Gots to be on top of the game.........
#35 three trophies, Mar 1, 2016
I was one day late and my phone was cut off. Metro doesn't play
#36 tube517, Mar 2, 2016
Here on the East coast I get until 11ish am of the day AFTER the permanent billing day... used to be midday.
Also, I haven't delved that deeply, but it seems to be a separately staggered cut of data / text / voice.
#37 horsecharles, Mar 2, 2016
I am also on the East Coast and they cut me off by 11 am the next day. (Due on the 24th, cut off on the 25th by 11 am)
#38 tube517, Mar 2, 2016
And it's not the 3 components simultaneously. Have you noticed what gets cut first and last?
There is a significant time difference, but that's about all I remember.
#39 horsecharles, Mar 2, 2016
I tried to text and it failed. I tried to make a call and got the recording. I paid it about 12:30 pm and it was back on.

I am thinking because I am a relatively new customer (Since Sept 24th 2015), that they are being strict. Seems like others have different experiences. That's just my guess.
#40 tube517, Mar 2, 2016
Yeah dude I worked as a bartender for a after hour that wasn't doing so well and while I looked for another job my money got tight. I wasn't able to pay for my phone so it was cut off, I got a new job and I'm waiting for the second check which will be enough to pay for my usual monthly service but I found out they are not only charging me for last month (which I didn't get because they cut it off) but this month also, so now I have to pay 122.00 instead of 64. How is this pay as you go if they are charging like this? This was the whole point in me not being in a regular phone service and now I find out they full of shit. If they don't work with me I may take my business else where, I could of got this with many other services and had better phone options.
#41 Angelosis, Mar 25, 2016
Sounds like you have the unlimited plan $60, zero caps / zero overages / zero throttling.
I don't know anyone else who offers this for anywhere near that amount(SINGLE PHONE PLAN)... to boot without a contract... I wouldn't be with Metro.
Nor know of any carrier who would offer such a plan and allow skipping months.
A true pay as you go plan will either end up costing more OR severely curtail the enjoyment of your phone until the next billing cycle resets your limits and speeds.
FYI unlimited plan pricing is trending upwards / data limits trending down, so try to hold on to your present plan any way you can.
Chalk this up to experience, a life lesson. And going forward do whatever it takes to pay phone first... even before eating.
These days, a young person without unlimited data & permanent phone number is almost totally doomed.
#42 horsecharles, Mar 25, 2016
Metro is known for that port out elsewhere
#43 DirtyDee, Mar 25, 2016
Sorry man I'm a diabetic, if I choose phone over food I'll die. Guess that's worth it for 4g phone service right?
#44 Angelosis, Mar 26, 2016

For those of you who sometimes delay paying your Bill until the morning after your official Due Date-
and don't want to pay $2-3 extra @ store/thru phone call-

1. @6:23am EST I had Data, by 6:30 to
7am data was cut off.

So now, if you wish to pay thru your phone, you'll need WiFi...with perhaps WiFi Calling enabled, in order to use Text to pay...
UNLESS you have more than one saved payment method,
in which case you can NEVER use this service( until you remove all but one)...it doesn't know which card to charge.

You can use My Metro App, but NOT with stored saved payment option- over WiFi it will prompt for your password and never accept it, then lock you out after too many failures!
It will allow you to input manually your card info though...this is the only way( save paying thru your computer).

PS you may initially get an error message about the app being disabled/your account locked, just double check internet access on a browser- you likely need to log in/confirm to the hotspot only).

And finally, ensure instant access by disable & enable Data(disregarding message of it may take xx time after receiving your payment...).
#45 horsecharles, Apr 17, 2016
Yes it is for real, BUT... If you complain about the amount such as "I was told the last time I called that there would be no fee due to how long I have had this problem." They will put you on hold and come back with "For a one time courtesy, we will wave the fees for you today. Will there be anything else you would need us to do today?" Go's to show that fees are only there for those who wish to not try. Don't be afraid to try this method on other issues with customer service. You would be surprised on what they can do to keep you as a customer, and that goes for other companies as well. And yes, I just had this done... 5 minutes before I posted this.
#46 Skift, Apr 22, 2016
Yep, throughout my teens I had Virgin Mobile and I would not pay for next months service for days sometimes even weeks whenever I did not need it( took advantage of Google Voice). Can't do that with Metro and the thing I can't stand is not even being able to log in to your account until you pay.

You are not paying for the last month, just the current one and the next one. They are simply allowing you to pay for this month by the due date of the next one. They reconnected for service without charging you for this month at this time.
#47 alexizawesome, Apr 23, 2016
I agree with the OP. Metro PCS is the only prepaid service provider to my knowledge that charges a fee for resetting your billing date. Prepaid is exactly that, without contracts or stipulations. The person that used the analogy of paying a full month's rent even when one is out of town clearly does not understand the point or the principle here. Renting an apartment or house is clearly different than paying for a service like cell phone communication. The purpose of prepaid cell phone service is to purchase it when I need it or not purchase it when I don't need it. If I want to skip 2 weeks of service for whatever reason I deem, then when I return and prepay a month, I should get 30 days of service from that point on. Like others have stated, Boost mobile, T-mobile, Sprint, and various other providers work in this same way. I think the charge is ridiculous, erroneous, and a sneaky way for the company to impose fees on you wherever they can. Not good business and I am will probably move to T-mobile anyways since Metro-PCS cell reception takes a backseat priority to T-mobile customers first. Ever noticed that your (Metro-PCS) speed is throttled some areas? Mm-Hmmm!
#48 synchr0nisity, Apr 7, 2017
I am leaving metro for a few reasons the most recent and why i am now leaving is because I did not pay my bill for only one month and they took my account away. I had that number for about two years. I was literally in the store exactly 31 days after my bill was due. That's totally messed up and i am mad. I am now going back to Virgin Mobile who btw has the BEST customer service iv'e literally ever had. They even payed my bill for me once. Anyways they have the new great LG X power 16gb 5.3 inch display 4,100 mah battery and its slim bam $79 great reviews. $35 per month will get you 5GB of 4g $45 for 10GB. lol sorry, cya metro.
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