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MetroPCS Guide/FAQ (Info of APN's, Bands, etc)

MetroPCS Guide/FAQ​

Index: Metro GSM/BYOD
1. APN
2. Bands/Phone Compatibility
3. Coverage
5. SIM Cards

Metro CDMA
1. CDMA Shutdown


1. APNs: How to access APN settings on most phones? Go to Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names​

Below is the standard APN for MetroPCS GSM​

The T-Mobile one which is below is also known to work

2. Bands/Phone Compatibility​

Bands used for Metro GSM:​

GSM- 1900MHz

HSPA- 1700/2100MHz or 1900MHZ. 1700/2100 has the larger coverage area at this point. But all further HSPA expansion is in 1900.

LTE- (AWS)1700/2100MHz

Later in the year of 2014 they will start using PCS and 700MHz B12 for LTE

B2 = Band 2 = 1.9GHZ = 1900MHz = PCS​

B4 = Band 4 = 1.7/2.1GHz = 1700/2100MHz = AWS. They all mean the same. Most times B4 may just be listed as 1700MHz but if its listed as 2100 that is not the same thing.​

Phone Compatibility FAQ: What phones can be used on BYOD? Any unlocked GSM phone. The only band absolutely necessary is GSM 1900MHz. But with that you only get 2G.​

Can T-Mobile branded phones be used without it being unlocked? Yes​

Will I get LTE? If the device has the bands compatible for LTE and those are the bands used in your area.​

Is this the same thing as flashing? No. This is a different technology and MetroFLASH was discontinued anyway.​

Any further BYOD compatibility questions can be asked: http://androidforums.com/metro-pcs/738676-official-metropcs-byod-discussion-thread.html

To check for bad IMEI you can use: Unsupported Browser

If my phone has a bad IMEI from AT&T or any other US carrier will it work with BYOD? No, T-Mobile and all US carriers share blacklists.

5. SIM Cards/Activation: How much is a MetroPCS BYOD SIM ? $10​

Activation Fee: The standard activation fee is $15 in store. But it is free online here http://www.metropcs.com/metro/activation/activation.jsp or over the phone 1-888-8metro8​

Metro CDMA​

CDMA Shutdown: MetroPCS's CDMA network was officially shutdown June 21st 2015​


#1 Gman9831, Dec 24, 2013 Last edited: Nov 7, 2015
No need to fear, MetroPCS GSM APN info was added to CM a month back ;)
#2 BobZhome, Dec 29, 2013
Native Wifi-Calling does work- it will ask to update your e911 address, you just have to call metro and tell them your address and it'll work.
#3 the hulk, Jan 7, 2014
I know with T-Mobile and Metro phones, they have the wifi calling enabled. If I bring the Moto G over, what do I need to do to set up wifi calling?
#4 alfick3, Jan 7, 2014
I'm not 100% on this, but I'd look for a recent .apk for either metro's wifi-calling or t-mobiles, but I could be totally wrong about this
#5 the hulk, Jan 7, 2014
Pretty sure you can't, a BYOD from outside won't have the capability for wifi calling. It's something that is built into the carrier-specific versions of the Metro/T-Mo phones. I don't think it's as simple as installing an app but not certain, maybe someone else knows for sure.
#6 Fox Mulder, Jan 7, 2014
But if one were to get the .apk why wouldn't it work?
#7 the hulk, Jan 7, 2014
Well it would be cool if it were that simple, I believe it's more involved than that but as I said I'm not sure. Hopefully someone does know the right answer.
It would certainly be a good thing if this could be made to work with a BYOD phone.
#8 Fox Mulder, Jan 7, 2014
if someone wants to send me one to play with I'll let y'all know lol
#9 the hulk, Jan 7, 2014

T-mobile Native Wifi-Calling app does work on metro's side.

Also, the HTC M8 needs to either be rooted with rom or unlocked in order to program APN settings.
#10 the hulk, Oct 10, 2014
This is not surprising.
But I have yet to see anyone report having it work on a BYOD device from outside the T-Mo/Metro network.
#11 Fox Mulder, Oct 10, 2014
Just ordered Asus zenfone5 im pretty sure it will work on metro/t mobile networks but does anyoneknow for sure?
#12 dboypipes, Oct 11, 2014
Didn't have to be surprising, I've seen alot of people asking about it, so I figured I'd add to to our facts list.

Also, out of curiosity, what other devices have wi-fi calling that are not T-mobile branded? I haven't really looked into it, but I'm sure they're out there
#13 the hulk, Oct 12, 2014
Any phone can....just use Google hangouts
#14 orlandoeduran, Oct 12, 2014
Any phone can make WiFi calls with an app, but I'm guessing you mean carrier supported WiFi calls?

A few Sprint phones (Galaxy S4 Mini & Galaxy Mega) support Sprints WiFi calling feature. I think Sprint wants to add more phones, but haven't heard anything for awhile.
#15 kate, Oct 13, 2014
Man, I paid $45 to put my Note 2 on metro's service 2 years ago -___-.
#16 Marty_Since87, Feb 9, 2015
In my friends metroPCS Branded Samsung, I think Galaxy Light? It was one of the more recent ones he had two apn settings but they were conjoined and the second one said mms and had a few ports all of them I think 510, 310 etc and so on listed together. Anybody know of this specific apn? I'd like to try it and see how it works out on my Note 3.
#17 n1nj4Lo, Feb 26, 2015
Because the apk would need to be linked with the dialer and the other telephony applications in the system. So it would require fairly deep Android knowledge, though I'm sure someone here could figure it out.
#18 Nintendo1889, Feb 26, 2015
Not true, t-mobile devices with wifi calling have been known to have wifi calling working on metropcs, heck even t-mo rom's with it in them, when my note 2 was alive (i317) it was on metropcs and I used a t-mobile rom that had wifi calling and it worked, I hardly ever used it though cause my connection was a lot better quality than my wifi connection at home.

In other news I've managed to successfully import and get to working metroPCS Mega apk's on my Note 3, VVM, MyMetro, @Metro APPs Store, Block-it, metroZONE (Which I might disable, just stupid overlayed ad's), metroMUSIC, metro 411
#19 n1nj4Lo, Feb 26, 2015
I wish Joyn was unrestricted and allowed any device to use it. Anyways of bypassing that checkpoint with lucky patcher?
#20 n1nj4Lo, Feb 27, 2015
Yes that's correct, I wasn't referring to T-mo phones as BYOD in this case as they are nearly identical to their Metro counterparts. The WiFi calling originated with T-Mo and has been incorporated in Metro GSM phones since the merger.
That said, a BYOD from any other carrier, or an unlocked device, will not be capable of the same built-in WiFi calling.
#21 Fox Mulder, Feb 27, 2015
Joyn was only functional on certain Metro phones that used the old CDMA network. It is not available on the current GSM system even with a Metro phone (hence the T-mo based WiFi calling) and there won't be any way to make it work.
#22 Fox Mulder, Feb 27, 2015
I guess really if ya want wifi calling bad enough do some research on phones that can run either t-mobile or its default carriers roms and has the same hardware per carrier, like my old AT&T i317 Note 2, I hate that I didn't do research on this AT&T Note 3 and got stuck with a locked bootloader, no kernel support and no aosp. But I'm gunna get the Note Edge soon hopefully.
#23 n1nj4Lo, Feb 27, 2015
Got the correct APNs off a official metroPCS Phone now my texts messages seems to be sending a lot faster. If anyone wants a backup on my apns xml in APN Manager to import to their own BYOD let me know.
Never had the Data, Tethering or MMS apn.

Oh well get APN Manager from the play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ale.android.apnmanagerwithanimation&hl=en) open it then open a root enabled browser and click show hidden files and folders and then make sure ApnManager is showing up in the sdcard on your phone (Not external) download this http://www.mediafire.com/download/dv4d1jkim44znqe/ApnBackup.xml and place it in ApnManager folder open APN Manager and click backup restore option.
#24 n1nj4Lo, Mar 29, 2015 Last edited: Mar 29, 2015
How would I do this with my s6 there is no rooot out yet and I can't text, call, send mms use data etc
#25 EricH4753, May 14, 2015