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General MetroPCS LG STYLO 2 PLUS

if what i have read is correct , you'll be seeing it in store by the end of this month.
The Real Question is : which variant MetroPCS is going to have????

there'll be a 2gb ram and there is a 3gb ram and some other hardware differences
#2 DrakenFX, Jun 19, 2016
From what I read it's the 2gb of ram
#3 averagewonder, Jun 20, 2016
That'll be a mistake, on Metro's behalf.
#4 Revenant Ghost, Jun 20, 2016
If it don't have 3
Then its not for me.

I'll just keep the one we have then.
#5 viperdink, Jun 20, 2016
There are LG G Stylo 2 and LG G Stylo 2 Plus.

Metro PCS advertise it as 2 Plus so it seems like what they did with Stylo would happen.

Boost & Cricket get earlier version of Stylo 2 (already released, 2 GB RAM, Snapdragon 410, Quad Core, 720 x 1280, 13Mbps Cam)

while Tmo & Mpcs get later version of Styloe 2 Plus (not yet released, 3 GB RAM, Snapdragon 430, Octa Core, 1280 x 1920, 16Mbps Cam)

Stylo 2

Stylo 2 PLus
#6 Bard, Jun 20, 2016
I'm having a hard time this new g stlyo 2 plus or a Nexus 6/ LG G4?
#7 mrrom, Jun 20, 2016
Unfortunately for some it will be the 2GB version.....http://androidforums.com/threads/metro-pcs-major-changes.926581/page-15
#8 MonteK73, Jun 20, 2016
G4 has dropped to $219 in some online specials
#9 tube517, Jun 20, 2016
Decided and got the g4 for a steal price.
Btw where can I buy I quick charger?
#10 mrrom, Jun 20, 2016
Amazon and buy Anker brand. Best brand and it's under $20 bucks
#11 Nickforever216, Jun 20, 2016
Oh well... at least it comes with Octa Core :(
#12 Bard, Jun 21, 2016
I just bought 2 LG Stylo Plus phones from Metropcs 06-24-16 the minute they opened and can tell you the exact specs.
13MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, built in flashlight, NFC, 1.2 Octacore, built in video call, 2900 battery, the screen is 5.7", same resolution as the first stylo with 323DPI which makes the screen very sharp and with auto brightness turned on the brightness in the sun is way better, an awesome finger print scanner on the power button and my bank app i can use the finger print scanner to log into my bank making it just touch to sign in once set-up, the stylus rocks with features and is very enjoyable to use from writing phone numbers without the screen being on to taking notes or circling something in a picture and sending it to anyway you want like facebook, text, email or pick from more, lots of preinstalled apps like Facebook, twitter, charging cord is still micro USB with rapid charge though (charged from 25 to 100 percent in about 35-45 minutes with no use during charge).
There's limited specs listed on the box or internet or 100 percent accurate.
Now the better news...... The Stylus 2 plus is coming to metropcs in the next 2-3 months with way better specs but at this time looks like it will still sport the micro USB plug.
I am open to post pictures, answer more detailed hardware/software questions.
#13 Eric Sudeth, Jun 25, 2016
What do you mean better specs? Are they going to release the one with 2gbs of ram now and the 3gbs one latter?
#14 averagewonder, Jun 25, 2016
Just read between the lines. Buy a new case and wait thats what I'm doing.
It looks like its not even worth the 30$ difference in price from the ms631.
Oh by the way what model version number did the use?
#15 viperdink, Jun 25, 2016
Better specs means better dpi, Stylo 2 stayed 2gigs, NFC is fast,
You can google the Stylus 2 and see those specs and Metro pcs will have a little better than that.
#16 Eric Sudeth, Jun 25, 2016
#17 Eric Sudeth, Jun 25, 2016

Correction 1.4 octacore NOT 1.2.
2gig RAM, 16gigs ROM, 320 DPI, NFC, fingerprint scanner, assign a different notification to each contact so when they text you know exactly who text you, different ring tones for each contact as well as random ringtones (automatically gives each person a different ring tone) and works with always on (an app in the app. store that displays the clock when phone is exposed to light).
The bad
No Mirroring, no FM radio capability and no IR blaster.
#18 Eric Sudeth, Jun 25, 2016
@Eric Sudeth
Thank You ,
For the information Sir.
#19 viperdink, Jun 25, 2016
Just checking you said months when it'll be released on metro in a few days.
#20 averagewonder, Jun 26, 2016
I said the Stylus 2 plus will be released in a 2-3 months...
I currently own the Stylo, and the Stylo 2 plus.
Two different phones, two different release dates. The stylus 2 plus will have way better specs than the Stylo 2 plus.
Sorry for any confusion.
#21 Eric Sudeth, Jun 26, 2016
I didn't even realize there was a stylus 2 every time I saw someone typing that I thought they misspelled the stylo 2
#22 averagewonder, Jun 26, 2016
Oh so metro will get the Stylus 2 Plus with better specs. Nice to know
#23 tube517, Jun 26, 2016
It's live now.

$149.00 (pay $210, $70 MIR)


Price is cheaper than I expected (was expecting close to $200+).

Meanwhile LG G Stylo still stays at $149.00, I guess the price will go down soon.
#24 Bard, Jun 27, 2016
From my understanding, the Stylo and the Stylus are one in the same phone. LG named the international version Stylus, and for some reason (marketing, focus group studies, etc.) they decided to name it the Stylo in the States. It is also known as the LG G4 Stylus, but with the specs scaled down so much in some regions my guess is they wanted to market it as a different phone completely and dropped the "4" in G4. This was the case with the first version and is my assumption for the second version as well.
#25 HallOfPromise, Jun 27, 2016