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General Motorcycle Enthusiast Heads-Up ( Duo Camera Issue !! )

I have posted this on Google+ without real feedback and I have only been able to find one other person that is getting a similar problem.

Basically, If you mount the M8 on a Motorcycle, after riding there is a major issue with the Rear Camera Shaking and making a static/buzzing noise.

Both myself and the other gentlemen posts are below. I have not heard back as he is on the Verizon forum. My service is thru AT&T but the results are exactly the same and both he and I have since had the M8 replaced under warranty only to have the second phone do the same thing.

Originally, I had thought this was a power adapter issue as I had it plugged into the bike power tether. I also thought it could have gotten wet on the bike as I was riding in light rain but the AT&T DSC Support Tech says it is good to go. I still need to followup with the support group on the condition of the M8 I returned to verify there is no water. Today was the first day that I rode with the new M8 shipped to me and I had no power cord attached, just my Earbuds attached and that's it. I am isolating this down to Vibration at this point. I never had issue with my iPhone on the bike so this problem is strange.

I am trying to see if anyone has had similar issues with the M8. I am hoping the other gentlemen will get back to me via email as he has contacted HTC directly and their basically asking him to keep using the M8 to see what happens.

I feel both myself and he have become Guinea Pigs for HTC. My next step is to contact them directly tomorrow as the AT&T DSC support center we're no help to me.

My original post on the HTC M8 Google+ page:

Post from User carseller0822 on Verizons Forum:

Any feedback is highly appreciated. Best Regards,


#1 JoEciH, Apr 30, 2014
It spunds to me as if you diagnosed it correctly. Evidently the rear camera in the M8 isn't designed for the amplitude and/or frequency of vibration it gets from a motorcycle. You may have to use a good shock mount or a different phone.
#2 Rukbat, Apr 30, 2014
oH Man, I hope not. I really love this phone. Sucks though, I just put in a ticket with HTC. We'll see what comes of it. :)
#3 JoEciH, Apr 30, 2014
Why not keep the phone in your pocket?
#4 mach1man, May 1, 2014
Well that is one way to do it I suppose. Then again, why not call people on a phone rather than text them, or use a small MP3 player rather than your phone at all ... :D

A lot of folks use the phone as GPS / Music player on motorcycles or other. Its true not all M phones are made equal but I guess after using my iPhone for years on my bike I figured I could carry just about any phone with success. I think in the case of the M8, this new duo camera setup and especially the top camera, something gets mis-aligned do to vibration. I would think this could apply beyond that of just motorcycles but any situation that exposes the phone to vibration, dropping or other.
#5 JoEciH, May 2, 2014
Didn't even think about using it for I could see a need for a mount then. When I ride I just wonder and go with the flow lol
#6 mach1man, May 2, 2014
Too funny :)

Yeah, I almost always use mine for a music player. The M8 touch works great even through my bike gloves. You'd think I would just buy a Bluetooth capable helmet. But I am nothing if not a cheap bastard. :D
#7 JoEciH, May 2, 2014
Finally, got in touch with the guy who had the same issue form his Harley. Hopefully, we can collaborate together with HTC to at least identify this issue fully with them. I'd like another new phone out of the deal but I would be ok with just a feasible way to repair it without having to send it back.

Wishful thinking :)
#8 JoEciH, May 2, 2014
I keep mine in my jackets upper pocket and run my headphones up from there. Hopefully HTC figures it out
#9 mach1man, May 2, 2014

Yeah, I'll be doing the same :)

Just set it up to receive my 3rd new M8. From here on out, I will keep it in my pocket and go get a bluetooth headset. In speaking with the other gentleman that had the issue. He's going to continue to use it on his bike but I do not think he is mounting it anymore as well.. so if that works, I am guessing Vibration was the key.

In talking with the Support people at HTC. This could very well be a hardware issue and the vibration dislodges the top Rear camera ( or focusing lens ) as I understand it, the lens in the back is a focus adjuster, maybe ?. I am guessing it gets dislodged somehow from vibration. Even in the case of the other fellow fixing his by bumping it lightly on a table it can become permanent in other cases. I had the same fix on my first M8 and the next day it was working but after riding again the following day the problem was back for good.

I put a bug in HTC's ear. At most they will flag this issue as trending problem. Maybe not since we seem to be the only 2 users reporting it. Still, better only 2 people then a whole lot of folks.. at least for HTC :)
#10 JoEciH, May 2, 2014
Not to be a Debbie Downer but when I ride I don't listen to music. I believe you need all your senses available even if most traffic noise is drowned out by the wind/motor, you can still hear a horn from a car unless you are running a loud exhaust.
I know I'm not really contributing to this thread but I just wanted to state my opinion.
#11 jasonspeed, May 2, 2014

No, that is a very valid opinion and my wife would probably take your corner over mine :)

Still, I find that when one sense is reduced others tend to become very acute. In my case and only mine that I am speaking of, The music can be a deterrent for unwanted anxiety or nerves while riding a bike, especially around other vehicles. This is probably a bad analogy but I liken it to an athlete listening to music or working out to music to achieve a Tempo and "Zone."

The trade off for hearing, which my hearing is inherently bad anyways, is an acute visual "eye and hand coordination," that is stimulated to my surroundings. ie, I am highly prone to watch every movement and change in my environment. In fact, if I can't hear a siren, even over my motorcycle noise and helmet. I am visually checking, like a fighter pilot, my 10 o'clock, 6 o'clock and so on ... even to the point of watching peoples eyes in vehicles. Amazingly, this is very affective at times, especially at intersections.

This adaptation while riding has carried over to my driving in my truck. I am more aware and slowing down when coming to intersections and other.

I have been riding for a lot of years and of course that has no bearing whatsoever. Even the most experienced riders as we are all aware of can have a terrible day. Listening while riding is not recommended but it can be achieved with success. Of course, in my case and the case of my new M8 and mounting it on my bars. Those days are going by by. It is a distraction if you have your phone mounted. You will tend to want to set something or check something while coming to a stop, or stopped.. or even while cruising. I think the best scenario is "Bluetooth," completely "hands-free," technology and practices being used at all times. When I get my M8 again, this is the route I will be taking. And all voice activated features.

Thanks for the feedback it is warranted .. sorry I got a little winded on the reply ;)

#12 JoEciH, May 3, 2014
I put a few miles on my HD yesterday with the phone mounted in my Ram mount. I haven't experienced any problems yet but will keep an eye in it. Thanks for the heads up.
#13 botomgun, May 5, 2014
Just a heads up, mine was fine at first too. We had road around the first day dirt and pavement and it seemed to be fine, in fact we stopped at a popular camp site after riding for at least an hour or more. Bumpy and plenty of vibration on both riding days.

So if your Harley has considerable vibration then, yeah I would watch out for it. Unless your Ram mount absorbs some of the shock.

JOe :)
#14 JoEciH, May 5, 2014
It's a Harley. Of course it vibration!
#15 botomgun, May 5, 2014
That was my attempt at being facetious ;) No noise, or vibration would be sacrilegious to HD Riders ... I could get my face punched in for such blasphemy :)
#16 JoEciH, May 5, 2014
Just got my HTC one m8 yesterday and went for a 2 hour ride. I mount my phone on my motorcycle because i have a 12v adapter which charges the phone while a ride. no one wants a dead phone while riding all day in the backcountry, right?

Sad to report that my camera is now doing the same buzzing thing on this less than 2 day old M8.

So what's the solution? have you guys who experience the problem ever get a permament fix? Im sorry, but just keeping the phone in my pocket while a ride is NOT an option for me.
#17 excelongt, Jun 29, 2014
Sadly no good news on my end. Still riding around with the M8 in my pocket. I haven't really followed up with ATT on the matter, nor HTC. Honestly, I don't expect much from HTC and I don't suspect they will acknowledge the issue publicly. Only thing I can suggest like all the other guys on this thread and others , call HTC directly and hopefully they will make a note of it in their system.

Hopefully enough complaints from those effected and those just researching the M8 will be enough to flag a response from HTC :)

Oh, and of course posting this issue to as many forums and comment boards as you can. I did a google keyword search to see if this thread and my G+ thread are top in the search hits. Seems like it is but I guess it really depends on how people research the M8 and if they put "Motorcycle," in the search string.
#18 JoEciH, Jun 30, 2014
I have this problem and I don't even ride a motorcycle. This is my second HTC m8 and I've only had it for 2 weeks. I keep a case on it and have not dropped it at all but I'm still having this "buzzing and shaking" problem.
#19 AbundantMouse52, Sep 7, 2014