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mouister has been detected on usb

Solve my prob
#2 kamranniaz26, May 14, 2018
Has your phone been wet at any time?
#3 mikedt, May 14, 2018
#4 kamranniaz26, May 14, 2018
Try resetting the phone possibly. And if it's still doing after that, then it could very well be a hardware problem, LG service required.
#5 mikedt, May 14, 2018
Till now it's working fine
#6 kamranniaz26, May 14, 2018
Do you live in a rainforest?
Most rainforests are saturated with high humidity.
#7 Dannydet, May 14, 2018
Are you saying that this solved your problem? I'm not familiar with the moisture sensors on the G6 but it may not be possible to un-trigger it without replacing it.
#8 lunatic59, May 16, 2018
I'm sure that the internal moisture sensors can't be untriggered. But this sounds more like a warning about the usb port, so could perhaps be triggered by moisture introducing a small short between contacts, in which case a temporary warning not to plug anything into it until it dries would be a sensible thing.

I don't know whether the g6 has this capability, but it is something that could be done if someone thought about it.
#9 Hadron, May 17, 2018