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General Mugen battery 4800 mAh

Somebody is going to try this:


#1 motumbo, Nov 16, 2013
I couldn't get to it from that link, but if you google 'c811 mugen 'you get some hits. It sells for around $90. It comes with a custom cover wihich looks like it sticks out a bit more than the the 2900ah battery.
#2 space_cat, Nov 16, 2013
Oh wow. There is a must have item.
#3 rjglenn, Nov 16, 2013
are them mugen batterys safe to use? lol
#4 unitypunk, Nov 16, 2013
Got one of these today. The cover bulge is hugh, about 3/8", much bigger than the factory extended battery. Still works in the cradle! I haven't had a chance to test it's capacity.
#5 space wrangler, Nov 24, 2013
space wrangler after having it a few days what kind of battery life did you get? is it worth the buy?
#6 gioakjoe, Nov 29, 2013
Life is good, I used it playing games for over 10 hrs. pretty much straight (at work not home). The bulge (about 3/8 inch) is horrible, I switched back to my factory extended battery, and will use this one when needed for travel etc.
#7 space wrangler, Nov 29, 2013
If you can stand the "bulge", this is truly a bad ass battery!!!!
#8 space wrangler, Dec 14, 2013
Been using mine since I got the phone. The extra weight and space is worth it to me. It doubled the battery life before I was rooted and debloated. :)
#9 Lukas Farber, Jan 11, 2014
Does the door it comes with look like it would maintain water resistance like the OEM standard and extended ones?

#10 runsondiesel, Jan 11, 2014
#11 space wrangler, Jan 12, 2014
#12 Lukas Farber, Jan 13, 2014
I'd rather get my hands on the stock extended battery.
#13 xmguy1, Jan 13, 2014
Extended Battery 2920mAh & Extended Battery Cover
#14 space wrangler, Jan 13, 2014
The stock extended battery is plenty of juice for a day or two. That Mugen battery would probably last close to a week.
#15 rjglenn, Jan 13, 2014
I took the plunge and got one of these ginormous batteries for my phone. I don't mind the bulge and it capacity is amazing.

One thing though:
Apparently the phone still thinks the factory "extended" battery is installed. I will get a low battery warning. If I remove the Mugen and pop it back in, I suddenly have 70% battery left.

I am running Battery Doctor on a rooted C811. I wonder if the app has something to do with the premature low battery warning.

Does anyone know how the phone senses the maximum capacity of the battery?
#16 rdwilson, Jan 16, 2014
rdwilson - I emailed and asked Mugen about this: they said it's firmware dependent and assured I would have no problem with my M020. The battery hasn't arrived yet so can't confirm.
#17 Megavvolt, Mar 15, 2014
Mine's a stock M040 build. I'm hesitant mainly for the price, but the thickness of the 2920 battery is about a quarter inch beyond the standard battery. I'm wondering if 3/8 inch will fit in my pocket . And the weight difference between the 1800 and 2920 batteries is substantial. Can someone comment on the weight of the 4800?
#18 runsondiesel, Mar 15, 2014
Ok I sprang for the 4800 mah Mugen battery. The hump is about double that of the OEM extended battery and the added weight really isn't noticeable. It's on the initial 12 hour charge now. It does fit in the cargo pocket of the pants I usually wear, but much tighter than the Casio extended battery. We'll see how it goes.
#19 runsondiesel, Mar 20, 2014
Used mine for 2 weeks and love never having to worry about battery power regardless of what aI use the phone for. The remaining power percentage is completely useless though and is not getting more accurateas the instruction indicated it would. There's always a price to pay. I use mine with body glove and cut out the bulge hole with a sharpie. All good. Wish the power level was correct but still totally worth it.
#20 singlestep, Apr 4, 2014
Have you let it run completely dead? It would probably help to let the phone learn where the end point is.
#21 rjglenn, Apr 5, 2014
Does the C811 battery back fit with CA-201L ?
I have CA-201lL, but the extended battery I found only for C811. Can anyone confirm ? Tks
#22 nganinho, Apr 15, 2014
From pics on the net, it looks like it will work. E-mail they should know if it will work. Do an ebay search, some listings have multiple good pictures of the battery and cover, you can compare with your phone. I hope it works for you, this battery rocks!!!!
#23 space wrangler, Apr 15, 2014
I have the battery and both phones and it works in both.
#24 singlestep, Apr 15, 2014
By the way, I have my SD Card always be refused by the phone. It shows Preparing for sd card on the start up time. But actually I can not see the content via Pic or Music. Anyone got this ?
#25 nganinho, Apr 21, 2014