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Support Music stops playing when switching apps or going to home screen

Has anyone else seen this issue?

When the music apps are playing songs if i switch to another app or go to the homescreen the music just PAUSES by itself :thinking:

I am pretty sure the device didnt behave like this before because many times i've worked out with it while listening to music and switched app to send texts or read email


#1 nativetongue03, Jun 2, 2012
I'm having the exact same experience as you, to the letter.

And I, too, know it wasn't always this way! What is going on?

The music even pauses when I press play on the widget and then swipe to switch home screens!

I hope there is some sort of fix for this because it effectively wrecks my phone as a media device because after installing a 32GB card I have basically made this thing my iPod.
#2 guitarpete987, Jun 4, 2012
The exact same thing is happening to me... I'm pretty sure that is was the latest update did it to :mad:
#3 ljbad4life, Jun 6, 2012
Ive been doing a bit of troubleshooting on my end. and noticed something

Both of you do me a favor and try this

While the music is playing:

1-Press and HOLD your HOME key to display your recently used apps.
2-Once the apps list shows up see if the music is still playing
3-Select a non media app (ie SMS or email) from the list and once the app opens see if music is still playing.
#4 nativetongue03, Jun 7, 2012
Ok tried it and the music still plays when a)holding the home key to display recently used apps and b) when I select a non music app, from the list. but the second I exist/go back to the home screen the music stops

I've been experimenting too I have found that a) every music program suffers from this stock, google music and double twist. b) even after completely wiping the phone, the problem will persist.

Edit* I updated to the latest version of doubletwist and it works!!!!!! I have a sneaking suspsion it has to do with the lock screen, this version of doubletwist has an overlay over the stock lock screen. The latest update might have changed the way the stock music player and google music interact with the lock screen.
#5 ljbad4life, Jun 7, 2012
Incorrect/ While playing around with it i noticed that SPOTIFY is not affected. But the stock music player and GooGlePlay are.
I've never used DoubleTwist before but i will give it a shot
#6 nativetongue03, Jun 8, 2012
Any news on this? Doubletwist is the only one that works.
#7 nativetongue03, Jun 19, 2012
I use PowerAmp and have never experienced that before.
#8 drexappeal, Jun 19, 2012
There is no good solution in the original version although you can use apps such as FREEdi YouTube Player that allows you to do multitasking and listen to music while the phone is locked.
#9 Ghazinour, Jul 30, 2013
Whenever I have Spotify playing and I open another app, it pauses! Same with Pandora. I've tried uninstalling then reinstalling it. This has never happened before, until just recently.
#10 KaileyS, Jan 22, 2016
I have found the ONLY way to fix this, add me on snapchat so I can tell, the reason why it happened in the first place was because too many people downloaded the app even after it got taken down from the app store, and I fear that if too many people know the way to get thru the issue then the developers will terminate the app for good. SNAPCHAT IS omar_tamalero
#11 jasminedragon, Jan 8, 2017
Hi to all who checked out this page. Although it's pretty late in, I think I foumd the solution. This is a problem caused by Google Launcher. Basically it makes it so that the music stops when you enter any app/ press hlme button/ access the google widget page thing. The way i solved this by:

1. Force closing Google Play Music
2. Reseting all preferences (including permissions)
3. Disabling google feud/page thing. (on home screen, hold an empty space as if you wanted to add a widget/move an app and press the setting icon at the bottom. From there there is an option to diable it).
4. Go in google play music and test it out by opening other apps and pressing home button (should work now)
5.Reactivate google feud (should still work).

Thats all! Best of luck to all the others here
#12 Sena Gangbe, Feb 21, 2017