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General My Lookout for restoring contacts/pics/etc.

I posted something about this earlier - wondering if anyone used an application called "lookout." Well, initially I was concerned with the ability to function on root and whether or not it would restore contacts and such. It does in fact work on the 2.1v3 leak and is a pretty easy way of restoring.

There may be a thousand better ways of doing this and I just didn't realize it, but my google backup data didn't work and I was glad I had this application. For those who don't know, it's a security application. I think it's really called my lookout mobile, but in the market it's under lookout. It's a virus scanner, data backup and phone locator. If you happen to lose your phone, IF the gps is on you can log in to the site and find the gps location of your phone. If you just lose the phone around your house, it has a "siren" feature that'll bypass any volume/notification settings you have and emit a loud screaming noise to help you locate your phone.

The data backup is also handy, I had mine set to backup once a week, but you can change that in the settings. Anyway, when I re-installed lookout on my 2.1v3 phone, I logged into the website ( and hit restore data. It brought back all my contacts and my pictures. It takes a decent amount of time to do this if you have a lot of phone numbers and pictures, but it's done wirelessly when your phone connects to the lookout server (you can force this or wait for one of your automated backup sessions) so you don't have to be sitting at your computer manually transferring pictures/etc back to your sd card (the method I thought for sure I'd have to do).

I'm sure everyone has their preferred back up/restore program of choice and for some people the google sync probably works wonders - for me it did not and this application saved me a lot of time. I'm not sure how effective the virus scanner is, but it at least gives me the sense of security that everything I download is being scanned.


#1 alchemize, May 6, 2010
I use lookout just for the missing phone feature. But also have everything backed up thorugh here.
Could never have too many backups IMO lol.
I also use Titanium backup(consider this my primary) and also have Astro backup....

Better safe than sorry,
#2 cableguynoe, May 6, 2010
I'm using it for restoring my contacts, but I cannot figure out where the frickin app restores the contacts to!! This is what I did:

1. Reformatted my phone
2. Visited and restored my contacts
3. MyLookOut pushed my 400 contacts to my phone
4. My phone accepted the contacts (took a long time to finish)
5. No contacts anywhere on my phone.

I've tried importing contacts from SD card 100 times. What should I do to retrieve the contacts??
#3 snaredrumfure, Jan 8, 2011
Do not try Lookout, believe me! you know why, it leaks my photos to the internet. What a shock! How it protect my personal information?:thinking::mad::mad:
#4 littlebird, Jan 18, 2011
Did a little bird tell u this?
#5 cableguynoe, Jan 18, 2011
Why get an app to do this? Google syncs your contacts automatically to and pushes to your phone if you get a new phone.
#6 DDustiNN, Jan 18, 2011