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Nearing the end....?

So. I may be updating to note 8 when it comes out. Anyone with me?
Alternatively, note 4 till the bitter end, screen burn in and all!


#1 Phases, Aug 19, 2017
Yeah,you need to upgrade fool.
#2 steve, Aug 19, 2017
Lol. It's just so costly to stick with flagships! BTW I got the notification!
#3 Phases, Aug 19, 2017

you are going to abandon a perfectly good piece of hardware that still is the equal of just about anything out there????

I am loosing faith in you :rolleyes:

My poor ole Note 4 is still running the tried and true version of 4.4.4 and nary a single disastrous villain has stolen my info, nor destroyed my phone.

Sigh! it may be in need of an upgrade though, the Gorilla Glass protector sheet up and peeled away in the corners, and kept catching on my fingernails. I finally just peeled it off, and like the much slicker feel of the actual screen now.

maybe I need to spring for a new screen protector?
so, get Gorilla Glass again?
#4 AZgl1500, Aug 19, 2017
Might join you if the Note 8 has a removable battery, otherwise I will stick with my trusty Note 4. Phil
#5 philayl, Aug 20, 2017
I'm still sporting the Note 4. It's been through all sorts of plans and now is on the unlimited from VZW. It's still plenty strong. I have insurance and extended warranty. I can either upgrade or stick with it until it dies and they have to replace it (again) for me. Dunno.
#6 Steven58, Aug 22, 2017
Not happy about the smaller battery than the s8+.
#7 Steven58, Aug 23, 2017
Hi, the smaller battery wouldn't bother me as long as I can have a spare one fully charged in my pocket, ten seconds and it is swapped over, removable battery is number one priority for me. Phil
#8 philayl, Aug 24, 2017
i have been loyal to the note 4 since it's release 2014. however going on 3 years now, im on my second battery, that has been replaced around last year june/july. the phone is good for the most part. however the shutting off randomly doesn't matter the battery percentage any longer this point and when i try snapping a photo at 40% battery life or lower has been a problem. also this thing needs to be charged 3 or more times throughout the day and night in order for it NOT to just die out completely on me.

While it has served me well and still is very much useable, i finally decided it's time to upgrade. i already preordered the Note 8 and im anxiously awaiting the new one....
#9 donmeca2020, Aug 28, 2017
I have a note 4 in my cart at verizon... Meh. I dunno.
#10 Steven58, Aug 28, 2017
Verizon still sells note 4's? Wuh?
#11 Auronda40, Oct 9, 2017
Seems to me you are jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The Note 8 doesn't have a removable battery. With that Note 4 you have, you could just replace the OEM battery with an extended battery from one of the various companies that make them.
#12 sgtm7, Oct 10, 2017

You must have grabbed the very last one...
#13 mikedt, Oct 10, 2017
Looks like Amazon has some T-Mobile (Unlocked) Note 4's for 270.00
#14 w8wca, Oct 12, 2017
I am extremely bad I jump from one device to the next like a crack addict kind of thing lol.

But I have fallen in love with my BlackBerry classic (I have become somewhat paranoid lately about everyone watching / spying on me).

I really love it but wish I had a removable battery.

I also really love BlackBerry os 10 - I feel it is horribly unappreciated.

I like to be different :)

Also battery life is incredible!

I feel flagships are ridiculously over priced and are just not value for money.
#15 Stinky Stinky, Oct 13, 2017