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Hey, guys

So I got myself HTC One X about a month ago and I started noticing this problem from last week. In short words, I lose phone service and my phone gives me "no sim card" sign occasionally every day or even twice a day. The phone goes back to normal after a reboot or two.

I have not taken it to store yet, since I doubt it is a hardware problem - never dropped it once and simple reboot solves the problem.

Any ideas what causes that? Thank you


#1 vprakhov, Nov 11, 2012
Maybe a problem of the SIM's gold contacts ... remove and move in the SIM few times.

#2 Harry2, Nov 12, 2012
Are you having the same issue as mentioned here with a rattle noise?
#3 jimbobcook, Nov 12, 2012
This was an issue on older software versions, it's fixed on newer updates (to an extent), but still happens intermittently.

What's your software version via Settings -> About Phone?
#4 El Presidente, Nov 12, 2012
I have been having the exact same problem with my One X and I have yet to figure out a solution. My last resort is to revert everything back to stock, which I am hopefully going to do tonight.
#5 TarekElsakka, Nov 16, 2012
I'm having this issue at the moment. It first started a few days after i got the phone, 2 weeks ago. Had not seen it since. Now it keeps appearing every minute or so. It goes back and forth from "no sim card" to normal. I keep rebooting but it doesn't fix the problem. Any possible fixes or suggestions would help. Thank you
#6 ARVpitt, Dec 24, 2012
remove your sim card & wipe it with a clean cloth, better still some isopropryl alcohol (the stuff that's used to clean tape heads).
I think its called wood alcohol in the US.
#7 anoniemouse, Dec 25, 2012
Just put a piece of sticky tape on the back of the sim card, about 3 - 5 layers will do. It thickens it up and wedges it in place. If the problem persists just remove it and take the handset back to your provider. However I found the sim card is very loose inside the One X+ handset, probably a rubbish design.

Hope this helps
#8 Carlos Templar, Jan 17, 2013
I've had the same issue. Phone drops signal & says no SIM. Anywhere up to 10 times a day.

Normally a quick restart works without having to eject and reinsert the tray.

Today tho, after one of the restarts, it told me the SIM was being read, but was locked - without there being a SIM pin on there?

Had a look in the security menu while the locked SIM symbol was up there, and the 'Set up SIM card lock' option had disappeared..

Anyone else experience that?
#9 patpending, Jan 19, 2013
ive had my one x about 6 months and it does this once every few weeks, a reboot has fixed this each time
#10 cluskie, Jan 19, 2013
So this is becoming more and more frequent now.

Have replaced the SIM twice now, no joy :/

Has anyone found or heard of solutions?
#11 patpending, Jan 23, 2013
Check out HTC One X No SIM Error Message Fix for some tips and solutions in order to get this annoying issue resolved. A lot of things can cause this problem on smartphones but it seems to be something more frequent on the One X.

This issue is annoying too. No SIM = No Service = No Fun :)

Good Luck Guys

#12 James_Bond, Jan 23, 2013
Hi guys,

Bought a Desire S for my wife yesterday (second hand) and was promised everything was working fine. Got home and put her existing SIM in the phone but got the no card error message - I was fuming - the card was fine as I checked it in 3 other phones. Spent a bit of time on internet looking for a solution and tried all the ideas out there - cleaning, packing the card, tape, etc. but none of them worked.

Came across a video showing how to take the phone apart to fix the SIM cradle but thought it a little drastic so I did this ...

Got a fine needle and gently prised the gold contacts in the SIM holder up slightly - they were depressed too much - one actually below the level of the plastic SIM cradle - put the SIM card back in and the phone jumped into life!

Just be careful when you prise the contacts not to damage anything underneath or break the contacts - this will fix the issue (unless the issue is the SIM card itself.)

Let me know how you get on.
#13 mikee boy, Jan 27, 2013
My HTC One X drop from 6 feet, and landed screen flat into polished concrete, causing the 'No Sim' error. After reading this post, I put several layers of tape into the back of the sim card, and it worked. God is good! :)
Thanks for the tip!
#14 salamanco, Jan 27, 2013
I'm going to say poor design on this one. I've had my sim card replaced 3 times. And my phone has been replaced twice now. I'm still getting the same sim card issue. I've had my 3rd device for 2 weeks now and it just did it again this morning. Time to change to a different model.
#15 tweak04, Feb 20, 2013
I used to sell at&t phones and can hounistly tell you I see this issue with this phone every day HTC is an infurior company I dont talk bad about our phones but HTC has burned me one to many times! Get a Samsung!
#16 wlsayler08, Feb 22, 2013
How prevalent is this issue? I really like the One X+ and want to go over to android after jumping from Iphone to Windows 8. I like both the One X+ and the galaxy s3, but the One X+ feels better in my hand. However, if this is a widespread issue then I'll have to go with the S3.
#17 txag11, Feb 27, 2013
Hi, I had the same problem, tried tons of fixes such as tape on the sim card, etc. Most seemed to work for a little while, but then the problem would come back. Finally I found a permanent fix. On my phone, the problem was that the sim card was not seated deep enough into the phone. So I used one of my wife's fingernail emory boards (a small file would work) and sanded down the bottom of the plastic lip on the top of the sim card tray. That allowed the sim card to seat fully. It's been 6 months and no problems. Hope this helps somebody.
#18 epicron, Mar 14, 2015
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