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Support No Updating for htc desire 510 from 1.50.401.1 to 1.51.401.2

After downloading the file(about 102 MB) I receive this message:We determined that your phone may be running a modified version of its system software . For your protection,we cannot update your phone.Please revert your phone to the official HTC system software to update your phone. ...
I done these works:1-Check with the root checker program and the result was:my phone is not rooted.
2- I reset my phone(reset factory) and trying for updating.Result was negative I again receive the error message. 3-I guided by support chat for turning off my phone and turning on when pressing down volume:result was ok and all things was ok. I don't knwo what is the problem? and what is the meaning of 'revert to official htc system software'.Also my phone is new(about 30 days ago) and I have not any root program and etc... . And how can I revert to official htc system? Please help me.


#1 maniaqrzep, Apr 13, 2015
Who is your carrier? Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc? I couldn't find those updates on

The meaning of 'revert to official htc system software' is going on the site, this page in particular: and downloading the ROM that corresponds to the carrier that you have. Since you said your phone is only 30 days old and you have not rooted this should not be a problem for you.

I am having trouble on Boost Mobile going from 1.47.652.1 to 1.48.652.2. The phone downloads, restarts, and begins to install the update, then a red triangle with an exclamation point appears. (My bootloader is relocked and I totally wiped the phone and sdcard before installing the stock Boost Mobile RUU from HTC so it's totally stock and nothing should be interfering) I contacted HTC online, they told me to do the same steps they told you and I received the same error. They told me to contact Boost Mobile. I haven't contacted them yet, but Boost Zone is saying the system is up-to-date.

This may not be a thing, but it seems to be a problem with carriers not syncing up with HTC correctly, so they won't let some phones download the update. Some people have said they were able to download these updates with no problems.
#2 blaqueknight, Apr 13, 2015
How I identify my carrier ?
#3 maniaqrzep, Apr 16, 2015
Your carrier is basically the company that you pay to provide you with cell phone service.

I assume you are in Europe because of this post. Do you use/pay Telus, Vodafone, Orange or someone else for your cell phone service. Those companies are carriers. You can contact them and ask them for help. I had the same problem as well as others and I contacted HTC and just recently contacted my carrier (Boost Mobile). They both told me there was nothing they could do. I assume all of us that are having these problems have to wait until HTC releases an official update on their site which you will be able to find at when they do. Right now the most updated ROM/RUU/Official HTC System software downloads on their site are all from December 31, 2014.

I think HTC will just wait until Lollipop is released for our phone, bundle these small updates into it, then release it on their site for manual updating, eventually.
#4 blaqueknight, Apr 16, 2015
Thank you for your replies. But unfortunately I try 5 or 6 times for downloading the update file. Result was negative.
I don't know really who is my carrier.I think my problem is independent from carrier. I had also trying for reset factory and recovery:result was negative.At this time I am writing for htc support...
#5 maniaqrzep, Apr 20, 2015
I think the problem is independent from carrier, also. Please let me know if you get a fix from HTC. I contacted them and they could not help.
#6 blaqueknight, Apr 20, 2015
I also think carrier is independent. I have not apply any fix on my phone . At this time I informed from HTC support that my phone is from United Arab emirate .They told me my last version is 1.50.401.1 . The question is if my software version is correct and I have not any update , why I receive a prompt for updating to 1.51.401.2 ?
#7 maniaqrzep, Apr 25, 2015
I recently found out that the carriers and HTC are not communicating properly with each other.

My carrier, Boost Mobile, says my phone is up-to-date, but HTC offers an update. I was able to successfully update my phone with an older version of my system software. It seems like the newer version that came out right before the newest version was never officially supported by Boost Mobile. The crazy thing is on the newer version the update is 30MB and on the older version the update is 60MB. I'm sorry if this sounds confusing but I can explain in a different way if it is not sufficient.

You are probably in the same situation. Your carrier does not support the HTC update. I don't see any support for other countries other than the United States on the HTC site. If you can, you need to get in touch with your carrier or HTC to find a version older than 1.50.401.1 to see if you can restore and update from there. If you find out anything I can do to help, please let me know. Good luck.
#8 blaqueknight, Apr 25, 2015
Hi . I found my HTC desire 510 with software version 1.50.401.1 and 1.51.401.2 in two items in htcdev site (kernel source). My version is 1.50.401.1 . With comparing these two items I found only one deference : 1.51.401.2 has "Type" of MR1 and 1.50.401.1 has "Type"of CRC . Also I wrote this to HTC support but they did't give me more help .They said I must refer to repair center .But I know my phone is healthy . I want to solve this problem myself.
#9 maniaqrzep, May 14, 2015
I believe the dev site is just kernel source and no ROMs. Did you ask them where you can download a RUU or Stock ROM? Or did they refer you to a repair center if you did ask?
#10 blaqueknight, May 14, 2015