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Support [Official] OTA update thread

My N7 was just updated yesterday. It has MRA58V. My N6 is MRA58R. Different builds for different devices? I also notice that the about {phone,tablet} now lists the security patch level. Both my devices are at November 1, 2015.


#276 CharlieD, Nov 10, 2015
Yes, different version numbers for different devices:
#277 jwbeeler, Nov 10, 2015
I'm getting the same kind of message on my Nexus 7 2013 , just it says "12 Nov". Ever get this sorted? My lollipop update came in as an OTA and worked just fine.
#278 jer1, Nov 10, 2015
Has anyone flashed 6.0.1 yet?
#279 jwbeeler, Dec 7, 2015
Looks like it's just a security update. I'll wait.
#280 lunatic59, Dec 7, 2015
but... but... it has new emojis too!!! LOL!
I did flash it (got tired of waiting for MRA58X - no factory images too). Nothing major that I saw (yet)


Oh, and there's more - just found out by accident - if you double tap the power button, it launches the camera!!
#281 jj14x, Dec 7, 2015 Last edited: Dec 7, 2015
I flashed it...nothing really interesting, but the double tap on power feature is pretty nice.
#282 jwbeeler, Dec 8, 2015
Hello everyone...

I just got a Nexus 6 that was purchased from Amazon (XT1103) in October; it came with 5.1.1. After a very small update that came through a few days ago, the build number is 5.1.1 (LMY48Z). I read that updates come in a specific order based on your current build but when I looked that build number up, it said it belongs to Nexus9. How could I have ended up with that build and what do I need to do?

I feel like every phone I've had was cursed when it comes to updates and thought I had finally broken the curse by getting the Nexus 6. Should I just load the factory image of 6.0.1 and start with a clean slate at this point? I'm having a hard time believing that I'll be getting either 6.0 or 6.0.1 anytime soon otherwise.
#283 JKentros, Dec 15, 2015
Hmm, that is indeed weird...that build number (LMY48Z) does indeed show up for the Nexus 9 (volantisg), Nexus 7 (razorg), and the Nexus 10, but not the Nexus 6.

There are indeed 6.x images (and presumably OTAs) for the Nexus 6...see here:

Can you post a screen shot of your Settings -> About phone page (i.e., that has the last part (build #) on it at the bottom) so the other folks here with Nexus 6s can review and compare?
#284 scary alien, Dec 15, 2015
Sure! Thanks for quick reply ;)
#285 JKentros, Dec 15, 2015
Ah, thanks, @JKentros (and I forgot to say welcome Welcome! :)).

I'm seeing/finding (in Google searches) other Nexus 6 folks that also have the LMY48Z build which seems to just be one of the monthly security updates (i.e., coming from LMY48Y) and also saying that they have yet to receive their 6.x OTA update.

I'm guessing it'll come your way soon...although, as always with OTAs, there's not discernable time table ;) :p.

edit: also, re. the absence of the LMY48Z build in the factory images list, I'm guessing it was small enough and/or quickly updated with the next build that Google decided that it didn't merit inclusion as it's own factory image (not unheard of).
#286 scary alien, Dec 15, 2015 Last edited: Dec 15, 2015
Do you think I'll go to 6.0 first and then 6.0.1 from there? If 6.0.1 rollout is happening now, seems odd that some of us N6 users haven't even gotten our first taste yet. Thanks for checking and for your input!
#287 JKentros, Dec 15, 2015
Yeah, when 6.x got pushed-out to my Nexus 5, I got the base 6.0 build and then subsequent incremental versions.

This is because OTAs are built from known bases of versions of Android. So, the 6.0.1 version would typically be patches (and minor new inclusions) of file files that should already be existing on your device. So, that would explain why you need the 6.0 "base" set of files present before you can get the subsequent OTAs.

This saves file size and transmission time (i.e., time and money) for Google and the carriers.
#288 scary alien, Dec 15, 2015
Thanks for all of the info! The only part that has me confused is how Nexus users could be waiting for a previous OTA update when there's already another one rolling out now I thought that kind of defeats the purpose of having a Nexus. Otherwise I'm completely happy with the Nexus 6 and have no idea why Google would stop carrying it just because a newer model is out, it's still a great phone!
#289 JKentros, Dec 15, 2015
I do believe that the previous 5.1.1 security patch was required to get the 6.0 update on the N6, so if the phone didn't have the patch applied or was rooted, it most likely will never see the 6.0 OTA. FWIW, I flashed the 6.0 factory image as soon as it was available and stayed stock and unrooted. I have yet to see the 6.0.1 OTA. I'm not in any hurry as 6.0 is running just fine for me. :)
#290 lunatic59, Dec 15, 2015
I'm VERY tempted to just flash the 6.0.1 factory image and be done with the waiting game that I've played with every Android device I've ever had, which I mistakenly thought I wouldn't have to play with a Nexus device. I'll probably give it a few more days to see if I get 6.0 before I make any moves, though.
#291 JKentros, Dec 15, 2015
Frankly, I've given up on OTA's for the most part. Flashing a clean factory image is ALWAYS preferable to an OTA, IMHO. Even the security patches seem to mess something up or hang a service unless you clear caches and do the reinstall things for any apps that didn't like it. If you're rooted, then it's almost mandatory.

Once you factor in the time you might spend troubleshooting an OTA, you might as well flash. One other big perk of flashing is it forces you to make sure your personal files/data is backed up all the time.
#292 lunatic59, Dec 15, 2015
So, every time a new update comes out whether it's a major release (Lollipop, Marshmallow, etc.) or just an intermediate update (6.0.1), you completely wipe and install a fresh factory image every time? Doesn't that make it hard to really get settled into your phone having to constantly "rebuild" it with each new update?

Don't get me wrong, I'm with you on fresh install vs. upgrades...I always do a clean install when I switch to a new OS on my computer. Of course, Microsoft wasn't spitting out a new OS every year though, either. On a scale of 1-5, how "difficult" is it to flash a factory image and how long is the process? I may consider doing it this one time just for 6.0.1 and then just sticking to OTA for the remainder of update support for Nexus 6.
#293 JKentros, Dec 15, 2015
I received 6.0.1 this afternoon by OTA. Painless download and install. Everything works great. My N6 is in suburban Dallas, running on Sprint (excellent network).
#294 TexasBadger, Dec 15, 2015
No, not really. Restoring to my familiar desktop is a just a matter of flashing the phone, letting the apps and settings reinstall from Google's restore option. Copying my files back to the phones storage and then restoring my launcher's settings. I use Apex, but Nova and most of the others also let you backup settings and data.

From start to finish is about two hours, but the most tedious part is waiting for all your apps to reinstall. Nothing you can do but wait it out. I've got close to 200 so it does take a while. Less would be ... um ... less. ;) The first time you flash a device, on a scale of 1 - 10 it's about a 47. :eek: The second time you do it, it's a 2 and after that, you can do it while doing a crossword and watching cat videos on YouTube without even paying attention.

Seriously, it's a process. You have to make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing ... or you can "cheat" and use WUG's toolkit to do all the legwork for you.
#295 lunatic59, Dec 15, 2015
I do something similar to what @lunatic59 does - except I take a shortcut - I flash the factory images, but skip the userdata partition flash. (aka "dirty flash")
This gets my phone updated, and retains the apps/settings/data. A dirty flash it not recommended if you are moving from one ROM to another, but I stick to the stock ROM, so I don't have any concerns with the process. So far, so good! Takes me all of 2 minutes (after downloading the files), followed by about 2 minutes for first boot up (first boot performs optimzation, so that is slow)

Most of my app data is auto-backed up to the cloud (except my 2 factor Authentication apps) - so even if things went south, I can do a factory reset and be back up. I just don't have the patience to wait for OTA, or to wait for app-reinstall after a clean flash :)

Ha! that's what I told myself the first time I flashed factory images to my Nexus 5. I have not waited for OTA since then :) Just leave your bootloader unlocked - I suspect you will be flashing the upcoming images ;)
#296 jj14x, Dec 16, 2015
@jj14x 2 minutes to finish optimizing? Yikes! Even on a fresh flash it takes me 10 or 15 minutes before any of the apps are re-installed.
#297 lunatic59, Dec 16, 2015
Are you thinking it is too long? Or too quick? :)

Since the apps are already on the partition, it doesn't have to redownload/reinstall, so that part is cut down. The optimization (from the past 3-4 flashes that I've done) takes about 2 minutes on average - it seems to go thru' some apps quickly, and some take longer. But oh well, 2 minutes is ok - I can live with that ;)
#298 jj14x, Dec 16, 2015
Hmmm, maybe because they are all new installs. No matter, I don't mind waiting the extra time and it helps me keep the user partition free of old junk.
#299 lunatic59, Dec 16, 2015
Yes, went from 5.1.1 to 6.0.1 no problems at all. Mmb29k with security updates
#300 Djh901, Dec 17, 2015