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Root Owens Qualcomm TWRP Recovery v3.2.1-0

Here is an up to date TWRP recovery 3.2.1-0 for owens Qualcomm variants:
I did not build this myself, I just put in a request to TWRP Builder yesterday, and it was done in less than a day. Thank to the devs and contributors of TWRP Builder. XDA thread here:

Don't format data with this TWRP version! It doesn't work right. I'll look at the trees and get it fixed ASAP. For now if you need to format data use the original TWRP here:
Sorry for any inconveniences!


#1 amarc78, Apr 11, 2018 Last edited: Jun 13, 2018 at 1:43 PM
Thanks! Flashed this immediately. It seems much faster, more responsive.
#2 koop1955, Apr 11, 2018
Np. I've been wanting to make a build myself for some time since the original recovery creator seems to have vanished, but haven't had time. I saw TWRP Builder and figured I'd take advantage.
#3 amarc78, Apr 11, 2018
Holy crap, I just spent the last 2 days getting my ass handed to me by twrp.. Either it built and had no access to anything or just refused to build, errors like a MoFo. Nice job on getting the request fulfilled! I'd like a link to the ppl you had doing this so I can see about learning what they did to the twrp tree for a functional build. Once again, nice Job and thanks for sharing

Edit: I found some really awesome theme zips for twrp that I'll share/link in the Root Guide.
#4 bcrichster, Apr 11, 2018
Do me a favor and share this on XDA for me, since I can't cuz they banned me.
#5 amarc78, Apr 11, 2018
Goose03?! If so, Welcome home Brother.
I'll share ur original AOKP in whichever threads ya like. I have updated the Root Guide with this thread
#6 bcrichster, Apr 11, 2018
Tis I
#7 amarc78, Apr 11, 2018
Don't share anything of mine on XDA and get yourself in trouble. No work from banned users allowed there.
#8 amarc78, Apr 11, 2018
I was speaking of here.. or if you like, you may post them here whenever ready
#9 bcrichster, Apr 11, 2018
Thanks, but your doing a fine job. I needed a break.
#10 amarc78, Apr 11, 2018
Thanks mang! :cool:
#11 bcrichster, Apr 11, 2018
Was wondering if Goose disappeared, glad to see you here!
#12 imneveral0ne, Apr 11, 2018
I actually started a thread on the E4+ forums asking where you and GetOffMyLawn went earlier 😂 Quick question, can you link/PM me your DotOS build for the E4+? :eek: Also, I can't seem to download from the TWRPBuilder site, I went to #163 and can't click anything 😅
#13 MrIndieJ, Apr 17, 2018
I don't have that rom anymore, I deleted it. I'm not building anything right now other than Lineage for my E4 Plus and my wife's E4. There are no other N ROMs that are updated anymore so nothing else is worth building right now. Right now I'm not doing anything other than that. I'm only here now because I wanted to share the updated TWRP. I have too many things going on in life right now, like health issues and a baby on the way. I don't have time or patience for it right now. You can download the TWRP Builder app and you should be able to download the recovery through it. That's how I actually downloaded it I believe. @brichster, please correct your statement about me on XDA. I did not create a second account after being banned. I was not banned to begin with. I left on my own and asked for my account to be deleted. I was banned when I made a second account even though my first was deleted.
Edit: the download on the TWRP Builder site works fine for me. I just tried it. It takes you to Basketbuild.
#14 amarc78, Apr 17, 2018
No problem
#15 bcrichster, Apr 17, 2018
I did got it working, thank you. If the other user doesn't correct his comment, I'll close the post so there's no incorrect info.

EDIT: Didn't see that he responded.
#16 MrIndieJ, Apr 17, 2018
Thank you for all that you've done for the E4/E4+. May your health issues resolve and your life improve. I wish happiness and good health to you and your wife/child.
#17 MrIndieJ, Apr 17, 2018
#18 Chad Magendanz, Apr 21, 2018
Cool, thanks. Where do I recognize you from? An Onda tablet or an Android TV box forum or something.
#19 amarc78, May 4, 2018
I make the Nexus custom ROMs for Amlogic TV boxes on also seem to be the only one building TWRP for Amlogic and Rockchip these days.
#20 Chad Magendanz, May 4, 2018 Last edited: May 4, 2018
Ah, ok. I've seen your work while looking for stuff for my Leelbox m9s pro. I don't think you had a TWRP for the board mine has. I really want TWRP and source to build a custom rom for it, I just haven't had much time to play with it. I also remember seeing your rockchip twrp's now, I have an old rk3188 TV stick and was looking for TWRP for it before.
#21 amarc78, May 4, 2018
That's awesome. When I first found your amlogic sources, there were only a few. I think the right version for mine is there now. I'll have to check it out, thanks!
#23 amarc78, May 4, 2018
Heads up! Don't format data with this TWRP version! It doesn't work right. I'll look at the trees and get it fixed ASAP. For now if you need to format data use the original TWRP here:
Sorry for any inconveniences!
#24 amarc78, Jun 13, 2018 at 1:42 PM