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Phone stops charging at 100% and drops quickly

My phone stops charging at 100% and will just drop during the night so sometimes I wake up with 80% battery or less depending on how long it stopped charging for. Is there any way to enable trickle charging or an app the restarts charging when it hits 90%? Its started to bother me and there seems to be no fix for it I've found.


#1 Barbiebutt, Sep 13, 2017
Which phone do you have and is this a new thing or has it always been this way?

And welcome to the forum!
#2 Clementine_3, Sep 13, 2017
A Nextbit Robin. As long as I can remember since I got it it has been this way. Also thank you!
#3 Barbiebutt, Sep 13, 2017
Try discharging the battery completely allowing the phone to shut down on its own. To hasten the discharge leave the screen on at full brightness.

After the phone shuts down due to the battery discharge, charge it to 100% and let us konw what happens.
#4 steiny180, Sep 14, 2017
It seems that the Nexbit Robin has a lot of charging/battery issues, there are a lot of posts on the big 'net about it. How old is it? Still under warranty? Maybe you can get it replaced and hope for the best. It does seem to be a big general problem with the phone though.
#5 Clementine_3, Sep 14, 2017
Apparently the Nextbit Robin is a phone that has a really interesting start but sadly it's now being left to fallow:

Not easy to determine if this is a hardware issue (battery itself failing early on) or a software issue (what typically could be addressed by an OTA update, but since they already dropped development support for this model isn't likely). That charging behavior you described is pretty quirky, it's worth trying to re-calibrate your battery as @steiny180 suggested. Also here's some additional info on the process -- Battery University is generally a dependable resource:
What power source are you using to charge your Robin? If it's through a USB port on a computer or laptop it could just be a matter of the port isn't continuously powered. Some USB ports are, some are not (i.e. when the computer is in sleep mode). If you're using your phone's power adapter, check that the outlet it's plugged into is always on (some homes have outlets controlled by a light switch). Also check that the USB cable itself is good, frayed insulation or lint in the plug end could be a cause of intermittent power transfer.
Is the battery charging issue the only problem or is day-to-day usage also becoming one? Perhaps an external battery will help:
#6 svim, Sep 14, 2017
Well I tried the complete discharge and it didn't work, I also use the original charger and fast charger, as well as other chargers both from the wall outlet and a computer port and the same issue in all those places. I updated the software to Lineage OS 14.1 and the battery life has improved but still drops after it has hit 100%

As a fix I programmed the app Tasker to restart my phone whenever it hit 100% battery which would cause the battery to drop during the restart and repeat the cycle. Now my phone is successfully charged in the mornings, not how I would have liked it to work but its a fix for now. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
#7 Barbiebutt, Sep 16, 2017 at 1:44 PM