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Hey for anyone out there, I'm looking for some help for my LG G3 phone. The other day, I was watching Youtube in class when suddenly my phone blacked out. I tried turning it back on, but there was no response. Of course, I removed my battery and put it back in to reboot it. The LG logo appears, but after that a plain, blue screen appears. It has no writing, and no other colors or such. Just solid blue. It appears for a couple of seconds, and my phone blacks out again. I tried going into hard reset mode and download mode, but it results in the blue screen again before blacking out. How can I fix this? Please help!!


#1 McWetta, Sep 13, 2015
You maybe SOL,But lets see what we can do here.
Read and setup all this on the link,
Going to try and flash stock firmware and that should fix it.
Need and computer and while flashing stock firmware,Remove sim and/or sd card as flashing stock firmware will wipe them clean.After flashing you can put them back in.
Try your best to get into Download mode.
#2 AMOCO, Sep 13, 2015
I tried the method. I can get it into download mode at first, but now download mode doesn't even show up and goes to the blue screen. Is there another method? I don't want to take it to a repair service, since there's not much money in my pocket to pay.
#3 McWetta, Sep 19, 2015
Sorry I don't know of any.
#4 AMOCO, Sep 19, 2015