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Random Thought Thread

This thread idea is nothing new. It is however, useful.

Got a random thought that doesn't need a whole new thread dedicated to it? Post it here!

I'll kick it off. ;)

.... Man, I love the SSH/Lynx combo. Take that, firewall!



#1 Phases, Sep 11, 2008
Come on 4:15. I'm ready to start my weekend!
#2 Phases, Sep 11, 2008
I want coffee but I'm too lazy to make it.

#3 Rob, Sep 11, 2008
Yeah I'm tempted to make a pot myself.....
#4 Phases, Sep 11, 2008
...I caved.
#5 Phases, Sep 11, 2008
I'm going to make one too, blasted!

Blasted? Wow that was so lame. Although I have debated running around and using, "Great Scott!" from Back To The Future. Love that trilogy... 1 and 2 are two of my favorites of all time.

I just saw "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" with Jack Nicholas and "The Doc" from B2TF... what's his name? Christopher Lloyd maybe?
#6 Rob, Sep 11, 2008

(Yarp, that's him)
#7 Phases, Sep 11, 2008
i wonder how much the HTC Dream will cost sim free? The OS being free and all
#8 irishgandalf, Sep 12, 2008
thats the most on topic post in the random thread so far. does "irish gandalf" mean a really lucky, drunk version of the old guy from lord of the rings? or am i misinterpreting your username
#9 Rob, Sep 12, 2008
If you consider all Irish people to be drunk and lucky....
#10 irishgandalf, Sep 12, 2008
In my opinion... its easier to get lucky when the other person is drunk. Haha.

By the way I love Lord Of The Rings. Everyone is obsessed with Harry Potter... and I like it... but LOTR is like the "adult" version.
#11 Rob, Sep 12, 2008
Liv tyler in an elf costume mmm ...
#12 irishgandalf, Sep 12, 2008
#13 Phases, Sep 12, 2008
I really don't feel like mowing the lawn today, dammit!

edit: partially because I don't wanna go get more gas.
#14 Phases, Sep 12, 2008
get an electric... oh wait did i just spoil ur excuse for not doing it?
#15 irishgandalf, Sep 14, 2008
For those of you who don't regularly look at digg, damn this cat is ninja! Awesome.

#16 Phases, Sep 15, 2008
bloody hell!
#17 irishgandalf, Sep 15, 2008
RT: Come ooooon 4:15!

(I'm then off for the weekend.)
#18 Phases, Sep 25, 2008
#19 N3TWORK BURN3R, Sep 25, 2008
lol, I love that cat. I can watch that video every day.
#20 Phases, Sep 25, 2008
Here's my random thought for the day

#21 WhoFlungPoo, Sep 25, 2008
$1 drinks.. and topless chicks on the bar is a win-win..

..the end.
#22 Huey Freeman, Oct 3, 2008
looks like someone was out late :D
#23 sleebus.jones, Oct 3, 2008
Awesome. I miss those days... good times, good times. :(
#24 Phases, Oct 3, 2008
lol and up early...
#25 Huey Freeman, Oct 3, 2008
Huh, and I thought it was the backstroke :thinking:
#22260 Clementine_3, Oct 3, 2017