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Support received SMS - the "Sent" time

Hi there,

1st of all, thanks for all the great tips here for those 1st time Android users like me - especially the alternatives to the Pantheon launcher.

My Galaxy Portal is on the UK 3 network, running Android 2.1 - NOT rooted btw.

I'm using the default "Messaging" client and I've noticed that when I recieve an SMS, it displays (as it does for those I've sent) the time it was supposedly sent at. However, it's pretty obvious that for recieved SMS the time displayed is NOT the "Sent" time but the time it was RECIEVED by me.

Is there any way, maybe using a different client, that you can actually see what the <real> "sent" time is, of an SMS sent to your phone?

Is this just an Android thing or a Galaxy Portal thing?




#1 JohnW, Jul 28, 2010
I have the exact same problem! Is there any way to fix that now (8 months later??)

#2 Kaffir, Mar 29, 2011
I've not seen anything to suggest this has ever been fixed, but I could be wrong.
#3 XplosiV, Apr 2, 2011

I also had this problem with my Galaxy S.

Normally the sent time is included in the received SMS data packet from your provider, but some phone manufacturers decided to ignore this and simply insert the received time into the SMS database. Thats the reason why this problem normally affect all SMS apps bceause they all use the same underlying SMS database.

I assume the Android developers did this, to avoid problems/difficulties with different or wrong configured timezomes, incorrect times of some sms service centres and so on..

The point is, the sent time is still in the package when the message is received but not stored into the SMS database. As I was very annoyed by this problem I wrote an app for myself to work around this. I simply add the sent time to the message text and keep the original timestamp untouched (just for the case if sending provider sends me a very wrong or empty timestamp - to not cause problems).

As it worked pretty good for me (with my Galaxy S and my Austrian network provider "3") I decided to publish it also in the market.

You can try it, maybe it also will work for you.
Here the link:
Android Market: SMS Sent Time

best wishes from Austria!
johnny :)
#4 johnny_z, Aug 23, 2011