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Support Reception - Moto X Pure vs. LG G4

I work in a building with spotty reception. I'm currently on Cricket. I love the service overall but signal struggles in my workplace. I'm currently using a G4 and it gets signal in a few areas but it is spotty. I tried a Nexus 5x and liked everything about it other than the radios seemed weaker than the G4. Also the fact it had a faulty screen that showed it's face within a few days of receiving. I wanted to like the Nexus 5x as I've been wanting a smaller screen,but I can't accept even worse reception.

I just ordered a Moto X Pure which I'm reluctant because of the size, but if it lives up to Motorola's past radio reputation, I may be able to overlook the size. I also am a little concerned with the camera not being as good as the g4. I've been spoiled by the G4's camera and video abilities. The Nexus 5x takes really good photos but the video was shaky with no stabilization. Indoor photos are important with kids and the G4 and 5x are both very good in that department. Is the Pure really THAT much worse at taking indoor photos? If it's still decent and reception is superior, I can accept that.

Does anyone have experience with these phones? Will the Moto X Pure be a step up in terms of reception in low signal areas? Do you think my radios were defective in the 5x since the reception was actually worse than the G4?

I just really wanted to like the 5x. Actually received 2 defective ones. My wife's 5x was randomly rebooting out of the box. So 2 defective ones on top of poor reception on mine (HSPA instead of LTE that my G4 gets at work) and I don't know if I dare risk ordering another. I'm going to give the Moto X Pure a shot.


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Has anyone compared a Nexus 6p to these phones as well? I tried the 6p on t-mobile and it was OK. I wished I would have tried it on Cricket too.

Motorola seems to be the king of CDMA radio quality. Is it at the top for GSM as well?
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