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Support recovering deleted photos in galaxy s3

hello, i deleted all my photos on accident.

ive been trying to get it into a usb mass storage but have been unsuccessful. i believe the photos i took went into my internal sdcard memory.

is there any way to recover them? i seriously lost like 1000 photos.

all photo recovering i know requires it to be in usb mode. i found a software that only mounts the external sd card as a usm but it didnt work properly (not that my photos are in the external sd card anyway)

does anyone know what i can do? help would be much appreciated. thank you


#1 starmandell, Dec 10, 2012
Before this u need ROOT!

Dont delete anymore files. Ok now open market and search for undelete. I would appreciate if you buy the donate because it can recover more files. Now open it and wait for the process to complete and select images because u want to recover images and select which you want to recover and select recover. That should fix it.

And Hit thanks button if this help!!
#2 Roshanta, Dec 10, 2012
how did it go into the internal sd card in the first place....
#3 Roshanta, Dec 10, 2012
Default location.

OP, sync your photos with dropbox in future.

Better yet if you haveca storage device at home that's always on, foldersync
#4 SUroot, Dec 11, 2012
Hey i have the same problem.. yes my phone is rooted and when i installed undelete i get an error saying i have no fat file system storage? please help
#5 benirx88, Jan 15, 2013
If they're on internal storage, you're stuck! All you can do is move on and look at the advice I gave to sync your photos.

#6 SUroot, Jan 15, 2013
+1 for Foldersync

Foldersync backs up to my Synology box every week and always works like a charm!
#7 UserName872, Jan 15, 2013
I love these post. Which version of the S3 do you have? Which rom is on it. Google removed Mass Storage with ICS. Since ICS NO software can mount the internal memory to recover any file period.
#8 GTWalling, May 16, 2013
Is there any way to enable mass storage usage then? So if not, does it mean that there's no way to recover deleted files from samsung galaxy S3?

I found the solution, I followed this samsung galaxy photo recovery guide and successfully got back all photos!
#9 tiffanyj231, May 29, 2013
I tried this and when the box came up to choose which files to scan it didn't even show my phone. When I go to "My Computer" on my system it shows it but this program doesn't detect it!
#10 TrancyTara, Jul 6, 2014
There is no Mass Storage on Android for the software to connect and see the device. If they were on the internal storage no way to recover. If on and External SD take the card out and use a reader on the pc to recover.
#11 GTWalling, Jul 7, 2014
Finding some practical method of recovering deleted photos in Samsung Galaxy S3. I think the best choice for you is Android Photo Recovery.
1. it is able to recover lots of kind of files.
2. Support for most devices.
3. Easy and safe for you to use.
#12 karensavana, Oct 14, 2015
Dealing with this same issue right now, will rooting at this point cause me to lose the Ability to recover the images?
#13 Lokahi117, Feb 7, 2016
Great article. The software you recommend is a program that needs root the Android phone and then scan it to find the deleted photos on it. It's a nice idea. However, it can't find all the photos when I scan my Samsung Galaxy S7. I don't know if it is because S7 is the latest Samsung Galalxy phone and the software can't support it well. If you scan your s3, I think it will be better. It is really useful if you have this software. It can recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy phone and also recover text messages, contacts, videos, call logs, whatsapp messages and other document files according to the description on the official website.
#14 BethZ, Jun 5, 2016
To retrieve them I have no clue :/ that's odd they deleted by themselves. However I know when I take pics it automatically uploads them to Dropbox. So if you have Dropbox try checking there.
#15 WendyFrancis, May 29, 2017
Wow, this thread appeared in 2012, but I still want to talk about my experience.
1) according to the description of Thread Starter "starmandell", his photos should be kept in the internal memory instead of on an external memory card.
2) common data recovery software or image recovery tools can only recover lost files from an external memory card. They cannot recover lost photos from the internal memory of Galaxy S3.
3) you need professional Android data recovery software to retrieve lost pictures from the internal memory of Galaxy S3.
Hope to help people in need.
#16 michael anderson007, Sep 6, 2017