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Support Remove default apps without root?

I just upgraded to this phone recently. Is there any way to remove the junk apps I do not want (Google+ for a start!) without rooting? Being it's brand new I don't want to mess about with rooting yet, unless there is a really simple way to do it like there was on my Xperia X10 (Flashtool)

Any suggestions would be great


#1 alex_ncfc, Jul 27, 2012
I think you can not complete the operation without rooting process. Most android phones require rooting to uninstall the default apps.
#2 colmmcgrath, Jul 27, 2012
You can disable some of these apps in ics
#3 Del1701, Jul 28, 2012
Thanks for your reply. How would I go about this? It's like when you buy a laptop and they load it up with all the junk you don't want, but at least on a new laptop or PC I have the option to uninstall what I don't want or need.
#4 alex_ncfc, Jul 28, 2012
If you go into, settings, apps, all, and then select the ones you want to disable on some of them there should be a button that says "disable" press that and it should disable them for you, but it only works for some of them ;)
#5 Del1701, Jul 28, 2012
thanks !!! i ready disabled facebook extensions and twiter, also possible disable live walpapers and may something more ;)
#6 STdemoniac, Jul 28, 2012