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General Replacement battery, EB-BN910BBZ vs. EB-BN910BBU???

Have had my Note 4 for about a year now. Battery life is still really good, but I have noticed a bit of degradation, so I thought I'd just replace it, and bought an "OFFICIAL OEM Samsung battery" off Amazon, threw the old one in the trash, and let the new one charge...

...Well, I dug the old one out of the trash pretty quick... It doesn't hold a charge worth a darn, and runs hot.

The vendor is sending me a new one, but I thought I'd investigate the fakes, as there are apparently many out there. By virtue of what I could learn on Youtube, the new, terrible-performing battery was probably not fake... Hmmm... Maybe not fake, but still a hunk of junk...

Upon closer inspection, they are visibly different. Like the part number of the one that came with my phone ends with "Z" vs. "U".

The one that originally came with my phone says, "Manufactured by SDI, Cell from Korea / Manufactured in China". The new one says, "Cell made in Korea, Assembled in VietNam".

I ran across some reviews somewhere and another person noted that their battery which said "Manufactured in China" was far superior.

Just wondering if I'm the only person that has come across this.


#1 juliesdroidsyn, Aug 6, 2015
I bought an after-market battery for a Samsung Galaxy Win once, after four months it stopped charging properly. The original battery for that phone is still good after more than two years.

[​IMG] [​IMG]
Not Samsung branded, and definitely after-market and cheapo. Made in Shenzhen, China, and bought in Shenzhen.

There definitely are many knock-off Samsung branded batteries around, like there are many fake Samsung phones.

However I wouldn't take the country of origin as evidence of a Samsung battery being counterfeit or not. The Samsung phone I've got was made in China, and Samsung does make products in many countries, including Vietnam.
#2 mikedt, Aug 7, 2015 Last edited: Aug 7, 2015
I’ve purchased many batteries of Note 4, but this is my first review. I write it because this mpj Note 4 6440mah battery is a GREAT choice.

I was a bit skeptical about this battery at first, but it's great! I'm using it for two days between charges, and maybe it's not the best SOT, but for now I want to testify that this battery is really excellent.
#3 forelse, Aug 14, 2015
Many batteries for a year old phone???

#4 javamann, Aug 14, 2015