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Hello, I have just picked up my S6 Today and I am using the fingerprint scanner to unlock my phone. For some reason I cannot recall making a backup password and the the only password that could come to mind isn't working. The fingerprint scanner is very good and I have not yet been forced to use a password to enter my phone by I do not want this to become a problem in the future. Does anybody know how to reset this. I have gone I time setting and made the security unlock the password option and made it what I would want it to be but I guess that isn't the same as the "backup password."


#1 YaBoiobZ, Apr 16, 2015
Try the following using Google's Android Device Manager

On a computer or in a mobile browser, go to
Sign in to the Google Account that you previously added to your device.
If you have more than one device, select the arrow next to the name of the device you're locked out of. Android Device Manager will show you the approximate location of your device on a map.
Click Lock.
Enter a temporary password for your device, then click Lock again.
On your device, enter the temporary password on the lock screen.
Open the Settings menu on your device.
Under "Personal," touch Security > Screen lock.
Enter your temporary password again, then follow the prompts to reset your device’s screen lock.
#2 Snakeyeskm, Apr 19, 2015
haciendo esto no bloqueará mi celular permanentemente?
#3 NoraWhite, Jun 19, 2015

Alguien ha probado este método?
#4 NoraWhite, Jun 19, 2015
#5 Safdar Kizilbash, Sep 26, 2015
It will not do that.

And I have successfully done it in the past.
#6 Snakeyeskm, Oct 3, 2015
Thanks for the help Snakeyeskm!
#7 spicecake, Nov 30, 2015


I have tried it but its not working. Can you suggest something else?

#8 eggorhen, Dec 4, 2015
If you don't have network access (mobile data or wifi) or you never enabled Android Device Manager on the phone, I'm afraid the only thing that will work is a factory reset.
#9 lunatic59, Dec 4, 2015
I am so thankful that you replied.

I have network access but I dont think that I enabled Android Device Manager ever on my phone. Right? because if I had it enabled it would work but its not working.

So what is factory reset? What to do?
#10 eggorhen, Dec 4, 2015
A factory reset will erase the user partition and account information setting it to the way it came from the "factory". You will lose apps and messages, so I hope they were backed up or weren't important.

You'll want to use the second method explained here about 1:20 into the video.

#11 lunatic59, Dec 4, 2015
Ok, thanks a lot! So even if I use apps like: "recover my photos" or other apps which usually send back all the photos deleted wont work?
#12 eggorhen, Dec 4, 2015
Some factory resets will leave user files intact, others will wipe the whole user partition, si if after a reset, if they are gone, then I doubt an app like that will work.
#13 lunatic59, Dec 4, 2015
OMG. :(
Do you know how I can save my pics?
#14 eggorhen, Dec 4, 2015
OMG. :(
Do you know how I can save my pics?
#15 eggorhen, Dec 4, 2015
Let's just review for a second so we are all on the same page. You cannot unlock your phone with the fingerprint scanner and you don't remember the password to the phone?

I doubt you had any developer options enabled (USB debugging) either.

Normally with a bad password, or unlock code, if, after you enter it too many times, the phone will have to be unlocked using the gmail account password, but for that to work you must have data enabled. This is wifi or mobile data. If you only have wifi, you also must make sure it's set not to sleep when the phone is locked or you still won't be able to unlock it.

I'm not sure there's a whole lot you will be able to do to recover your photos.
#16 lunatic59, Dec 4, 2015
Why dont you follow this simple step. You dont need to reset your phone! Follow this simple and easy steps to change your backup i.e lock screen password: Go To SETTINGS>LOCK SCREEN & SECURITY>FINGERPRINTS>CHANGE BACKUP PASSWORD> Then Place Your Finger To Get Access & Change It.
#17 hello3241, Dec 15, 2015
Unfortunately, in order to access those setting you have to be able to unlock the phone.
#18 lunatic59, Dec 15, 2015

When the ¨fingerprint' pop-up, simply use this trick:
Try all different angles of the tumb on "home-button" in order to unlock. This must work as the person have used his tumb for the fingerprint. There is nothing wrong with the phone. Just carefully place the tumb using all angles.

i.e 0 degree, 90 degree, 180 degree, 260 degree if this does'nt work then tryk 45, 120 etc. i think the person get my point.

#19 hello3241, Dec 15, 2015
HI. Easiest way around this is: Settings, Security, Locks, Enter Pin, then enter 4 digit Pin. This over rides back up password & finger print. You can then go back in again later if you want & redo finger print & back up password if you want. I have Samsung note 5. This time I noted security details down lol Hope this helps someone :)
#20 stewy1955, Jan 2, 2016
1.Go to your settings.
2.Go to applications.
3.Then tap on application manager.
4. Scroll to your right so you come to the ''ALL'' page.
5. Scroll down to finger print.
6. Tap on CLEAR DATA.
7. Done
#21 fhodz97, Jan 8, 2016
If you have a newer phone and google account, try 5 times... after 5th bad password attempt mine displayed a button to login with my google account, I put in my google email address and password right from the lock screen, and it took me straight into the security settings, where I went ahead and changed my backup password to something I could remember.
#22 knyghtphaul, Jan 13, 2016
i tried this and it reset my ability to try my thumbprint, tried it and again it asked for my backup password. odd thing is i only have like three passwords i would use
#23 ohcamaro, Jan 21, 2016
Although this is a bit late, sometimes the google ADM does not work.

As an alternative for registered Samsung devices you can try their website:

I managed to get past my screen locks on my Samsung devices.
(Galaxy S3 and a Galaxy Tab S2)

I don't know if a web site exists for the other manufactures though.
#24 StrayC, Jan 21, 2016
ohcamaro is the winner !! duh...why didn't I think of that. "clear data" clears the fingerprint password, however, I still did not get an option to set a back-up password. This is how I got locked out of the option before when my finger wasn't properly placed on the button, it said use backup pswrd, I unlocked phone online, & changed the lock type to "swipe", then I went back to change it to use fingerprint, and it was still asking for a backup password. My phone was not locked, just the option to use the fingerprint as "unlock" option
#25 JerryNice, Mar 6, 2016