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Root [ROM][WIP][4.4.2] CyanogenMod 11.0

This will soon be the home of Cyanogenmod 11.0 for the Huawei Valiant. Cyanogenmod 11 for those who are unaware is based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. This post is going to provide you with a setup guide for the ROM.

Download: COMING SOON!
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#1 EagerestWolf, Jan 20, 2014
More coming soon...
#2 EagerestWolf, Jan 20, 2014
no data yet
#3 EagerestWolf, Jan 20, 2014
thanks for your hard work.
#4 androidz305, Jan 20, 2014
I try. I just do what I enjoy. It is always nice when what you enjoy is also appreciated
#5 EagerestWolf, Jan 20, 2014
I thought this wasn't gonna happen. since this phone isn't really that popular is cwm safe to install what doesn't work?
#6 androidz305, Jan 20, 2014
Clockworkmod is completely safe to install. I have it on my phone, which is my daily driver. At this time, you cannot install ROMS from the internal SD Card or HWUserData partition, and it has a weird screen jumping issue, although it works fine.
#7 EagerestWolf, Jan 20, 2014
@a305: It sounds like it will work the same as the Premia CWM. May not be perfect but... Wiping partitions/dalvik, making/restoring backup images are all that is needed to pave the way for flashing custom ROMs! I almost s--- myself when I came home saw this thread here today :D Thanks wolf!!
#8 Spec2nirvash, Jan 20, 2014
Lol I know I checked this forum daily to see development was being made on this phone. I wish there was a way I can help but I don't know much about ROM development.
#9 androidz305, Jan 20, 2014
And suddenly you see not only recovery but also a ROM in progress.
#10 EagerestWolf, Jan 21, 2014
As for your question. There is nothing you need to do to help. Having multiple people on a project only makes it more confusing.
#11 EagerestWolf, Jan 21, 2014
check the other thread about diff you made.

posted it all
#12 DeadDude, Jan 21, 2014
Forgive me, you know I'm n00b.

Is this far enough along to make a ROM backup?
I don't care YET about loading mods through zip files, I like manual mode. Heh.

Think I'll be reinstalling my laptop today... Ubuntu 13 and 7 64bit. Sounds like Linux would be a more consistent environment... agree?
#13 DeadDude, Jan 22, 2014
Without a doubt.
#14 EagerestWolf, Jan 22, 2014
As for being far enough along for ROM I cannot even get it to install yet
#15 EagerestWolf, Jan 22, 2014
Use this flag in
Code (Text):
  2. USE_SET_METADATA := false
and then apply this manually:

then compile again. it should flash completely after removing props (if that issue occurs also)
#16 rbheromax, Jan 24, 2014
Thank you guys can't wait for the final product.
#17 androidz305, Jan 24, 2014
So yeah, I've had this one under wraps for a while because I don't want a billion inbox messages about it, but I gave up on CyanogenMod 10.1 a while ago, I have been working on 11.0 cause I like KitKat better than Jellybean. Bear in mind, this is a very slow ROM to develop. I have no .manufacturer support for KitKat at all, so now I am pretty much Huawei approaching a blank slate, except they have an entire team of programmers. I am working solo.
#18 EagerestWolf, Jan 31, 2014
How can I change my softkeys to ics blue thanks?
#19 androidz305, Jan 31, 2014
I am not certain you can. Those are hard-coded white
#20 EagerestWolf, Jan 31, 2014
you can mod framework-res.apk to do so.
if anyone wants me to do this, upload your framework-res.apk somewhere and give me the link so i can download and make changes
#21 rbheromax, Feb 1, 2014
I don't think I understand what soft keys are...

Aren't them the three buttons built in? Back, Home, Settings?
I didn't think they were colorable?

Or did they activate the _navigation bar_?
#22 DeadDude, Feb 1, 2014
i think he means the soft keys as in the nexus like keys that are "on-screen"

if not enabled by can add this line either /system/build.prop or /data/local.prop to enable soft keys

Code (Text):
  2. qemu.hw.mainkeys=0
and then reboot
#23 rbheromax, Feb 1, 2014

I've been playing around with Xposed... pretty slick what is possible.
#24 DeadDude, Feb 1, 2014
I meant the three buttons at the already there not the onscreen buttons. Thanks for for the help.
#25 androidz305, Feb 1, 2014