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General S Memo transfer problems from Galaxy S3 to S5

I bought the Galaxy S5 today, and having backed up all my data from my S3, I was able to retrieve and sync virtually all of my previous data and information.

However, I noticed that my saved notes from S Memo (from my Galaxy S3) were not showing in the new Memo on the S5. When I tried to restore the files manually from the backup in Kies, the S Memo option gives the message "this item cannot be restored to the connected device", and it is the only backup option that I cannot access. I have tried to find information about the new Memo and compatibility with the old S Memo, but I can't seem to find anything.

Is there a way to restore my old S Memo files onto my S5? I have several years of notes which I really need to keep and access. I do not understand why they would make the new Memo not compatible with old versions if that is in fact the issue. I hope someone can help.


#1 lebbo44, May 7, 2014
The S5 version of S Memo uses a different file format than the S3, so not directly. You can convert the S3 notes to text, then open the text files in a text editor, copy them (one by one) and paste them into new notes in the S5. Maybe. (It's one of Samsung's major goofs. If they have a better format they should at least have an import function to import notes from a previous version.)
#2 Rukbat, May 8, 2014
Thanks Rukbat. Unfortunately I no longer have the S3- I saved all the backup files in Kies and on my External Memory card, so I don't know if there is any other way to get the files into the S5 Memo. I find it bizarre that Samsung could neglect something so simple and a feature that I am sure many people have used. I hope there is another solution.
#3 lebbo44, May 8, 2014
I just watched and bookmarked that link. A great tool, but alas, I do not think it is going to help the OP.

He no longer owns the S3 and the files are in Kies now...


I just installed and ran the program right up to the point where it asks you to hook up the phones.

It uses a USB port connection to both phones simultaneously. No BS about going thru a carrier. No carrier required, all on the pc.

Great tool, but a tad bit expensive IMO.

$19.95 to use it one time only.

$39.95 for lifetime use and up to 5 phones. I guess if you are a guru who wants to buy every new hot phone on the market, you only get to transfer contacts/info up to 5 times?
#4 AZgl1500, May 9, 2014

Within S-Memo Settings there is an option to "Export". You can select one or many or all S-Memos, and export to a JPG or PDF file containing all your memo info, including graphics. Create a PDF and copy it over to your S5, then at least you can copy and paste the text from the PDF into your Memos. You will have to manually create each Memo, then fill it up with copied text from the PDF.

This is still not perfect, and proper Samsung compatibility would be better. But it is better than nothing if you have a lot of S-Memos. I have a rooted S3 and a rooted S5, and I have not found a better way, unfortunately.

It is very unfortunate that Samsung have chosen to go down the DUMB IT ALL DOWN path, same as Microsoft and others. Previously, they were very good at maintaining compatibility and flexibility. I have stuck with them because of this, but now they are just like all the other suppliers, making products as simple as possible and destroying functionality when they "upgrade". My new and very expensive S5 was a total disaster until I rooted it and fixed it all up (increased volume, changed my dock icons, enabled writing to SD Card, etc. etc).
#5 karlgrimm, Jun 15, 2014
My apologies, the resultant PDF does not contain selectable text. You will have to use a utility to convert to text, eg. OCR converter or similar.
#6 karlgrimm, Jun 15, 2014
I just accomplished this by using the app Samsung Smart Switch. I was trying to transfer my Galaxy S3 S-Memo to my new Galaxy S5 S-Note, all the text imported perfectly. The pictures (I only had one) did not transfer so well.
#7 Xugiua, Aug 24, 2014
I was able to copy the smemo data to my pc.
The particular data was found under Application\SMemo\cache or Application\SMemo\switcher
There are a series of sfm file. These can be opened using paint (on Windows 8) and it will display the contents of the Smemo page as a picture. At least this allowed me to see some important information and I simply had to type it up again
#8 ot9999, Nov 16, 2014