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So was wondering if anyone knows somewhere i can download the stock firmware to this phone. I bricked mine messing with some tweaks for this phone. Now it wont start. Its just stuck on the samsung boot logo. Iv tried Samsung Kies but it doesnt have support. Iv tried other websites looking for the firmware to this phone but no luck :/. Also tried to factory hard reset but that also didnt work. So it would help alot if you guys could help me find the firmware to this phone or another place i could download it :).

Just some information about this phone:
Android 4.3
4inch touch screen
1.2 Ghz Dual-core Processor
3G/WiFi (CDMA only)
5Mp Camera / 0.3 Front Facing Camera/ Video Recorder



#1 takeablewig96, Dec 1, 2014
Hey I have the same phone and I rooted mine last night and it won't let me access my Google account. Is there anyway to factory restore?
#2 ghostrider8499, Dec 11, 2014
you can search here:

you must make a username to download the firmwares but they do have it, jus search for this:

#3 LDrifta, Dec 16, 2014
CDMA vs. GSM---this won't be an issue, for firmware version??
#4 Steve_912, Dec 28, 2014