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General Samsung Galaxy S6 - Frozen - Reboot Not Working

Hi All,

I have a Galaxy S6 that I activated this week.

Today, I found the phone frozen while charging. The screen is blank and the green light indicating a full charge is on.

I have tried all the various key combinations (Volume Up, Volume Down, Power and Home keys) to initiate a reboot, but no luck.

I am not sure what to do next at this point, except to let the battery die, recharge and the hope it works.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


#1 LT1Silverhawk, Jun 28, 2015
Just to clarify, you've tried the force reset by simultaneously holding power and volume down for 10 secs?

The other option is a hard reset, by pressing home and power and volume up buttons, and releasing the power button when the Samsung logo appears (but keep the home and vol up pressed)
#2 Sydney99, Jun 29, 2015

Yes, I tried both of those those combinations, along with a couple others I found online. The phone is still unresponsive, and the green light is still on. Right now, I'm hoping the battery will die soon, and then I can try recharging it. Maybe that will reset the phone. Otherwise, its off to the Verizon store.
#3 LT1Silverhawk, Jun 29, 2015
Does sound like it may be a dodgy unit. Keep us updated if you find a solution
#4 Sydney99, Jun 29, 2015
I contacted Samsung Customer Service via online chat yesterday, and was told that either I would have to talk to Verizon, or send in the phone for repair.

Today, I contacted Verizon via online chat, and was told to contact technical support. Technical support, in turn, has asked me to bring the phone into a Verizon store for proper diagnosis.

Almost 24 hours later, the screen is still black, and the green light is still on.

I will be stopping by the local store this evening and will post any updates.
#5 LT1Silverhawk, Jun 29, 2015

Yesterday evening, I stopped by the local Verizon store, and they couldn't get the phone to work. The rep suggested that I try visiting the Samsung kiosk at the local Best Buy. So I went to Best Buy and the Samsung Customer Experience rep tried everything before telling me to contact Samsung and have them repair it.

Overnight, the green light went away. So I tried powering it up, and the reboot screen flashed for less than a second before the phone died. I put the phone on charge, but there was no red "Charging" light. I waited a few minutes, and tried booting it up. Again, the reboot screen momentarily flash. I left the phone on charge.

After a couple hours, the red "Charging" light came on. I tried powering up again and nothing happened. I disconnected the charger to see if the red light would go away, but it did not. The phone still flashes the reboot screen momentarily, but nothing else happens.

I called Samsung directly and they did set me up for repair and immediately emailed me a shipping label while I was still on the phone with the rep.

So, the phone is barely responding, and the red "Charging" light is currently on. It will be on its way to Samsung shortly.
#6 LT1Silverhawk, Jun 30, 2015