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Support Samsung Tab 10.1 is slow lags

Just bought a Samsung tab 10.1 for my family last Christmas. For the first 6 weeks, it was running great. We primarily use it for entertainment for kids, which means we have downloaded a few free games and insert an micro SD card for movies. Over the past week it has started to lag severely.

I removed a few of the games we had, but it still runs very slow.

Under the application manager, it shows I have used 2.0 GB with 9.9 GB free. under the running tab, it shows 742 mb of RAM used, with 1.2mb free.

Under the data usage tab, I have noticed a big increase in the past week. The highest usage comes from exchange services and Facebook.

Any suggestions? I am not very tech savvy...just want a smooth tablet for the family.



#1 MustangLarry, Feb 23, 2013
Welcome to the forums, Larry.

Yep, you've got a bit of maintenance to do now and then when media is involved, new games and apps etc.

In the menu for "application manager" you can select each downloaded item one at a time and hit the "clear cache" button. If you hit "clear data" you will have to start over with that app/game, though.

You can also wipe the cache partition. More on that later. For now I'd make sure other widgets and apps are not configured to update automatically, as in weather and social networking stuff like Facebook, etc. The services which allow for all that updating run into each other and cause resource hogging: lag. ;)

Email and Gmail are also culprits with that, as they keep polling the towers for the latest. Set them for manual checking for emails and you'll see a big difference.

Be sure also to regularly clear your browser history.
#2 Frisco, Feb 23, 2013