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Support Saving voicemail forever off my phone

So I have a few voicemails that I've had for a few years that I want to keep forever (they've moved from phone to phone with me) can I move them to my computer? I am so sick of having to listen to them over & over again & hit 9 to re-save just so I can get to my new voicemails. I have Verizon & should I choose to change providers I'd be screwed & would lose the messages & they are special & I'd like to keep them forever.


#1 specialk1177, Aug 12, 2014

Thanks for making me take a look. I have a message from my Dad who passed away last year on my phone. I looked and the voicemail program that comes with Sprint/Virgin mobile allows me to send via email. Apparently yours does not. I had previously just held the phone close to my laptop microphone and recorded the message on my laptop and that worked fine for me.
#2 gotip, Aug 13, 2014
I had an uncle that passed away and I helped my Mom save his VMs a while back. I used Voicemails Forever, it was painless. Save Voicemail Messages Permanently with Voicemails Forever
#3 OpenSource101, Aug 13, 2014