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Screen Mirroring to Roku

In researching the Pixel 2 Xl. I thought I had read that there is a Roku channel which will allow screen mirroring exactly as it used to work with older Android phones, but, for the life of me, I cannot find such a channel. Did I imagine it, or do I just suck at doing Google searches?


#1 JayDubyaDubya, May 16, 2018
The only screen mirroring that I know the Pixel supports is via Google Cast. That generally requires support on the receiver side - either a physical Chromecast or else a "smart" display with Google Cast built in. There is no support for Miracast on Pixel devices.

You may be able to cast media to your Roku (as mentioned here) but you won't be able to mirror the phone's screen except via Google Cast.
#2 codesplice, May 17, 2018
I knew I saw it somewhere in settings. It pops up as an option for me, never tried it though. Not sure if that will work for a Pixel...
#3 Clementine_3, May 17, 2018
Unfortunately that seems to use Miracast (or similar), which isn't available on Pixel devices:

#4 codesplice, May 17, 2018
Unfortunately this falls on the receiving unit , which is the Roku.
They discontinued mirroring long ago.
There is no channel or Android app compatible with mirroring your screen with Roku.
I know because I own a Roku.
Chromecast wins.
#5 Dannydet, May 17, 2018