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Support SD card corrupted/couldn't move apps

The thing is I bought a Kingston 16gb class 10 as card but I'm experiencing some technical issues:

When I installed it, in storage it said it was unsupported and I would have to format it. But after formatting it(as internal storage) i tried to move some apps and i ALWAYS get the message 'couldn't move app, internal error'
If I restart (turn off and then on) the phone it appears like 'corrupted' and I need to start over.
Also I tried the 'move now' choice when I formatted it again and appears the message'couldn't move, not enough space' so this is ridiculous. Any help, please?


#1 SebasTheNinja, Jul 12, 2017
If you formatted it as internal, where are you trying to move the apps? They're already where they should be
#2 Dannydet, Jul 12, 2017

I'm trying to move the apps from the internal shared storage( the phone) to the sd card.
#3 SebasTheNinja, Jul 12, 2017
As it's a new micro-SD, check its integrity with SD Insight, ensure it's not a fake or duff. Where did you buy it, e.g. cheap online like Ebay?
What you're describing with corruption and things not working as they should, it could be a counterfeit Kingston micro-SD.
#4 mikedt, Jul 13, 2017
My device it's incompatible with that app, but I'll have a talk with the seller. I bought it in a new shop near my school so maybe they got scammed.
#5 SebasTheNinja, Jul 13, 2017
I changed sd card to a 32gb one and it's the same :/
#6 SebasTheNinja, Jul 13, 2017
Do you have a computer with SD reader?Try the SD in that, and see if that can read and write data, which should prove if it is the phone or SD problem.
#7 mikedt, Jul 13, 2017
EDIT: Nevermind.
#8 tube517, Jul 13, 2017
I have tried it in the PC and it works. What do I need to do in order to make it work in the phone?

Also tried formatting it as portable storage and it works, the problems appears when I select the option that I want( internal storage)
#9 SebasTheNinja, Jul 13, 2017 Last edited: Jul 13, 2017
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#10 letirosa, Sep 13, 2017