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Tips Should I purchase the OnePlus 6?

Hello, good day/evening.

I've asked this somewhere else, but I really would want a confirmation now -- I'm not sure, I'm kind of impatient but at the same time willing to wait if you people believe it's not worth buying a new phone now.

The situation is my S7 Edge's front glass is quite cracked, its battery is pretty degraded by now and even the cable needs to be replaced :|.

An official repair is 320€, which does seem like a lot. Honestly, I most likely won't repair since many people say to not go ahead with it (just too expensive).

I'd really want to get something functional, reliable right now (waiting until later this year just for those phones to be replaced by other new ones later anyways :/) and I don't want to go back to Samsung or even consider Apple's expensive gadgets.

Most smartphones are really not to my liking and at this point in time I just don't know if I should try to purchase a Pixel 2 XL or a OnePlus 6.

The Pixel 2 XL is close to 1000€ and the OnePlus is around 600€. What should I do? You think the OnePlus 6 will be much better than a repaired S7 Edge?

Thank you for any opinions.


#1 Flyingphone192, May 16, 2018
The pixel 2 XL isn't the great phone it's made out to be imo... I had one which had the annoying speaker buzz... Still seems to be a problem today.

The one plus 6 looks amazing! It'll absolutely destroy the s7 edge. And for how much one plus devices cost they punch well above their weight.
#2 richevans654, May 16, 2018
As you say, €320 is a large fraction of the cost of a new phone. Personally I'd wait a week or so until some real reviews of the OnePlus 6 start to come through - it won't be long, and if there's a real problem with it this might save you from making an expensive mistake.

Otherwise, it really depends on what's important to you. With the OnePlus 6 you get the latest processor (2 generations later than the S7E), software that's lighter than Samsung's and a device that's more open for development if you are into rooting and ROMs. Screens are different, and it's up to you whether you prefer the smaller front bezels or the curved sides. The OnePlus won't give you SD expansion, and their previous cameras have been OK but not the best (again, waiting for reviews will tell you more here). If IP ratings are important to you the S7E (once repaired!) will probably have a higher one. Software wise the OnePlus 6 starts off with Android 8.1 (has the S7E even got 8.0 yet?) and since it's been announced that the it will be able to join the Android P beta programme I'm sure it will get Android 9 very quickly (while I don't know whether the 2 year old S7E will get it at all). How long it will be supported for is harder to guess: a couple of years ago OnePlus were quite poor with how long they supported devices, and while they've said that they will be doing better in future it will obviously take time to find out how well they keep that promise in practice (though the 3 and 3T have fared better than the 2).

As for prices, here in the UK you can buy the Pixel 2XL from other major retailers for a lot less than Google are charging (€200 less than the Google price). That still makes it more expensive than the OnePlus, but obviously less so than if you just take Google's price.
#3 Hadron, May 16, 2018