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Show all apps has disappeared

Hello, I updated my HTC G1 v 1.6 to Cyanogen v 2.2.1
Very on the bottom of the screen has a quick menu with three buttons - Dialer, Show Apps and Google browser. Is there any way to customize that menu?:thinking:
I was trying to remove the music icon from my menu dragging it to the "Trash Can". Accidentally I dropped that icon over that quick menu on the top of the Show All Apps. Third day I am trying to fix that and I have no idea how to.:mad: Now that quick menu shows Dialer, Music and Google browser. Where is my Show All Apps icon located?:thinking: How to show All My Apps?:thinking:
Thank you


#1 BGRider444, Nov 4, 2011
dont worry
CM7 uses ADW launcher if i am right.
just goto settings > adw launcher > UI Settings
you can just long press the homescreen > launcher actions > open/close app drawer.
then drag that icon back to ur dockbar (yeah, the quick menu is called dockbar.. :D)
#2 vipul619, Nov 4, 2011
I have fixed that. Well, in the hard way, but is fixed.
Right now my HOME button does not work. What is the problem?
#3 BGRider444, Nov 4, 2011
again in settings of the launcher, you have to define the function for ur Home button..
i think its in general behavior..
u're using stock ADW Launcher with Mik's rom, right??
#4 vipul619, Nov 5, 2011