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Let me introduce a new app for traveling!

Spilhenn is the social network for adventure enthusiasts ! Explore new horizons with Spilhenn, and share or comment travel experiences with your friends. Spilhenn allows you to create travel or hiking trails, as well as live journals to map out your trip. Keep your travel memories safe and relive those moments with your friends!

You can download here

Feel free to comment and make requests for improvements



#1 TuxPhone, Jun 12, 2018
Is this application from the orange mobile phone network?
#2 psionandy, Jun 12, 2018
Yes! Have a try with Spilhenn 😀please !
#3 TuxPhone, Jun 12, 2018
You're sure is from the orange mobile phone network? Some of the other apps by orange SRL don't seem to be the sort of thing and the quality I'd expect from a mobile phone network
#4 psionandy, Jun 12, 2018
You are right. Applications submitted with Orange Srl is for testing to evaluate if we should continue with the application. If GO is got from our deciders the app will be under the name Orange with an intensive support from our developers
#5 TuxPhone, Jun 12, 2018