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Support Square reader not working

Is this working for anyone else? I'm not rooted (yet), but it just keeps saying swipe again every time I try a card. It works on my optimus slider so I just assumed it would work fine...

Anyone have any luck or suggestions? Great (free) product, and I can still use it by typing everything in, but the card reader would be nice.


#1 LightofHonor, Jun 16, 2012
Same here. Got my square yesterday and every time I try to swipe a card I get the "swipe faster" screen. Sometimes it shows the bar half-way and others 3/4, either way no luck. Fyi I'm rooted so it appears to effect rooted and non-rooted.
#2 dobbs69, Jun 28, 2012
Works on my elite phone. My reader worked in my v too back months ago until i put cyanogen on it then dropped my v and it broke and had to replace it
#3 jmfolcik, Jun 28, 2012
Are you running stock?
#4 LightofHonor, Jun 30, 2012
Yep. charged money off some ones card yesterday with a swipe
#5 jmfolcik, Jun 30, 2012
just got my sq.today it keeps telling me to swipe again too it works about every 20 times or so,help,I have an art show to do this weekend and I need to have a card swiper.
#6 jforney, Jul 11, 2012
Does Square not have an option to manually type in the card number? When I was the manager of a rental store we had to swipe 3 times and if the reader didn't read the card it would allow us to manually enter the numbers. Shame if square doesn't have anything like that, especially if it works normally and you encounter a customer whose card was demagnetized.
#7 MacFett, Jul 12, 2012
Yes, it does.
#8 TX-Dennis, Jul 12, 2012
Sorry, I only glanced over the thread and didn't read everything. Glad to know that it has at least that.
#9 MacFett, Jul 12, 2012
What kind of phone are you using?

See list of known issues from Square:

#10 Tiny Chicken, Aug 19, 2012

will not work on wi-fi need wireless connecyion like sprint hotspot on sII
#11 joemick13, Oct 2, 2012