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Support Strange Case of Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Issues.

So my Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn't work with most chargers(they were official Blackberry brand) however, perhaps ironically to some of you, it does charge with the default charger that came packaged with it albeit slowly. The slowness of the charge is not very extreme, on a low charge it will go to 100% overnight. It used to work with the Blackberry brand ones but it stopped. It can still work sometimes if I jiggle it into the slot and hold at a certain angle, and place it down gently, however this is not necessary to do with my Samsung brand charger. I also used it with my uncles car charger, with which it actually seemed to charge faster than the one I use to normally charge it. Any ideas what the problem could be if there is one?


#1 Creekofjoy, Aug 19, 2013
Sounds like either your charging port is loose or more likely the metal part of the charger is slightly bent and not making contact anymore.

I think you'll find that if you replace the charger it'll fit snugly again :) Luckily this is the cheapest option and most likely to work. Check amazon for some cheap chargers. The ones at your carrier are usually way overpriced ;)
#2 Rxpert83, Aug 19, 2013
Replace the charger? How will that fix the charging port?
#3 Creekofjoy, Aug 19, 2013
I'm betting its your charger that's the problem, and not the charging port.

Replacing the charger is the cheapest and most likely fix

If that doesn't work you know its the charging port.

However, based on the fact that other chargers work fine, that points to your original charger being the problem- i bet its slightly bent.

The make it so the charger gets damaged (bends) before your charging port does, because the port is a much more expensive fix
#4 Rxpert83, Aug 19, 2013
I think you misunderstood. Every other charger DOESN'T work but the one it came with does.
#5 Creekofjoy, Aug 20, 2013
Tried you another cable?

#6 Harry2, Aug 20, 2013
I would agree with Harry too. I've had cords that would only charge no more than 500 milliamps with the wall charger. A different cord would supply the full 1 amp charge.

I think Rx meant the cable when he said it gets bent before the port does.??
#7 Mikestony, Aug 20, 2013
So every charger besides the stock charger doesn't carry enough voltage and they just refuse to work with my phone? Even though they worked fine with it before and work with other Samsung Galaxy S3's?
#8 Creekofjoy, Aug 20, 2013
Sorry, maybe I misunderstood you:(
Is your charger like this with a usb cord and separate charger for the S3?

And the blackberry charger one piece?
#9 Mikestony, Aug 20, 2013
Yes, except the blackberry one has a different shape. It looks like this.
#10 Creekofjoy, Aug 20, 2013
Most chargers for phones with the micro usb end will charge at 1 amp. Some a little less.

I would try a different cord for the charger that looks like this one (obviously because the other one is one piece charger/cord):

You had said the o.e. charger works, but slowly correct?
Also your kernel will regulate how much current is needed to charge based on what is available..
(Something you cannot change without root)
#11 Mikestony, Aug 20, 2013
Yeah it's kind of slow with the USB two piece.
So why doesn't it work with the one-piece ones anymore?
#12 Creekofjoy, Aug 20, 2013
I have that BlackBerry charger. The one I have is only rated for 700ma. This phone wants a 1000ma charger. If you draw too much current through a charger it could go bad, and then it could mess up the phone. Sorry I know this doesn't answer your question but I wouldn't be using any chargers that aren't rated at the required voltage/current to be used with this phone.
#13 mydian, Aug 20, 2013
Could oxidation be a factor?
#14 Creekofjoy, Aug 20, 2013
On the charging port itself yes. You could try cleaning it very carefully with a q-tip and some alcohol. Just make sure you power off the phone and remove the battery first.

Honestly it sounds like a charging port issue since the chargers all work with another phone. I know that doesn't explain why the OEM still works, but maybe the plug on that particular cable fits a little better so it's just not messing up yet.

I hate micro usb ports and wish these manufacturers would come up with something better. They are destined to fail by design.
#15 mydian, Aug 20, 2013
It could be the phone having a digital charging system,might not except the rate of charge from the non Samsung charger. Another charger might work some, but as you notice not at the same rate of charge.
#16 Galaxy Tab2 47, Aug 20, 2013
I wish I could find a PowerMat like the one i bought to use with my iPhone, it works great just lay phone on the charging mat and it charges great. No plugging the phone in. But the one I have found has a case you must use, and I read the reviews it causes problems using the controls. This I don't feel I can live with.
#17 Galaxy Tab2 47, Aug 20, 2013
So why did it work with them before?
#18 Creekofjoy, Aug 20, 2013
Not being able to see the actual interface and the type of chargers used, so I just am guessing as everyone else is.:rolleyes:
#19 Galaxy Tab2 47, Aug 20, 2013
Quick update guys. I tried using a different USB cable on the Galaxy S3 AC adapter and it has the same jiggle problem that every other charger has. Apparently my Cell phone was made for the default USB cable that seems to be the only one that works with it. Any ideas with what's wrong?
#20 Creekofjoy, Aug 20, 2013
Going out on a limb here to totally rule out the charging port itself:
Do you know of anyone who has the same device who has no issues charging?
If so, swap chargers/cords with them for a couple days.

Did this happen all of a sudden? Perhaps a shutdown/battery pull would do something.? :)<<--that's a long shot.

Do you know what the charging rate is? You can use an app such as Battery Monitor Widget to see what the charging rate is:)
In that app you can set it to check every 2/5/10 minutes and look at the history of the charge.
#21 Mikestony, Aug 20, 2013
I can't remember the exact time but I remember noticing it charging slowly, followed by needing to jiggle other chargers and adding the pieces together. I tried using a charger that someone else was using for their S3(which was charging fine) but when I plugged in mine it didn't charge. That's really when it clicked in my head. I'll get the app and update later. Thanks for all the help guys.
#22 Creekofjoy, Aug 20, 2013
quick update again. I got the app and its plugged in to the charger that actually charges but it says "Discharging" in green. It acknowledges the cable but it says the rate is estimated at -0.10%/h while charging.
#23 Creekofjoy, Aug 20, 2013
Okay here we go. I think this one it's accurate now. It's estimated at 8.00%/h.
#24 Creekofjoy, Aug 20, 2013
Yeah, upon plugging it in and looking at it, mine also says discharging in green letters. ....let it charge for about 10 minutes and should say "charging" in green and either AC plugged, or USB plugged.

What you want to look for in the "history" screen after an hour or so, is the "ma" column. Upon plugging in, it should slowly climb to either 500 ma if plugged into a computer, or 1000ma if plugged into the wall. How high the milliamps will go, will also depend on how discharged the battery is.

In settings, set it to report every 5 minutes to the history screen.

Edit: to better explain what I mean, I'll post my screenshot tomorrow morning after a full night charge. Right now I'm down to 48%.

Here is my screenshot of the charging current overnight...notice the ma reading...did not quite get to 1000ma but that could be because my battery wasn't discharged enough to warrant a full 1 amp charge.
The reason I am posting this is because you said your o.e. charger was slow to charge and was curious about what your readings were.
#25 Mikestony, Aug 20, 2013