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Strange message on screen when phone locked

She said strange message was on my friend's phone when he picked it up in the morning. The phone was locked and he had just push the button on the right-hand side of the phone. He thinks that some type of virus or malware. Please let me know if you have any idea what this is.


#1 Christiana Montoya, May 7, 2018
That looks like a ad from an app that's installed on the device. Go into Settings and scroll to Apps and look for the culprit that possibly pushed that ad. Or it could have come from a spammed email. It all depends on what app permissions is toggled to run on the device's lock screen.
#2 KBU2, May 7, 2018
it looks like the pop up i get from calander app when it gets close to time for the event.
#3 teallin, May 9, 2018
Thank you for the replies. My friend has been deleting all his spam immediately, making sure not to click on anything, and deleting his browser history daily. This seemed to be working but now he is having new, possibly worse, problems. Last night he got a text from that had a link for an adult hookup site. He didn't click on it and doesn't really know if this is related to his other issues. This morning when he picked his phone up off the charger, there was a message that said his phone needed an update (while still locked). He clicked on the right side button and the phone started downloading the update or whatever it was. He immediately turned off his phone. The phone did this once more when a while later but hasn't since. Do you think he has a virus on his phone?
#4 Christiana Montoya, May 16, 2018
No. That's a calendar alert. Depending on his Gmail settings, if he was receiving spam which has details pertaining to dates, Gmail might have been auto-adding those dates and numbers to his calendar, creating this alert.
#5 chanchan05, May 16, 2018

No, Go into< Setting> scroll down to <G> app. There look for apps with access or connected apps then you will see what's connected to your device and deactivate it from there.
#6 KBU2, May 16, 2018 Last edited: May 16, 2018
Look for aps with access to his calendar or his lockscreen or both?
#7 Christiana Montoya, May 16, 2018
Both would be best if you're getting dating pop-ups under your lock screen. But most of all you need to check your permissions on each app you have given permission to to run under your lock screen.
#8 KBU2, May 16, 2018
Thank you again. We will try that.
#9 Christiana Montoya, May 16, 2018