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Support Stuck in "Odin Mode" - Do Not Turn Off Target

Last night I shut down my Nexus and put it on the charger to recharge, just like I do every night.

This morning when I turned it on, it goes into "odin mode" and I see a screen that has "Start" at the top and below it is the android logo and the words "Downloading...." and "Do Not Turn Off Target!"

I've seen this one or two times before and I think it was to upgrade the software.

But in the past, this took only a few minutes and then it rebooted and finished the install.

But this morning it's been stuck on this screen for 4 hours now and counting.

Any idea what's going on? How do I know it's actually working on downloading and not stuck?

I have to leave on a business trip soon and I need my phone to be working!

I have never rooted the phone or done anything like that. It's just a plain vanilla Samsung Galaxy Nexus.


#1 cspowers, Aug 4, 2014
Hope this isn't too late--just now saw it.

Sounds like maybe a stuck key?

Odin mode should be volume-down (holding) + power.

So, perhaps your volume rocker is stuck in the down position?

Try removing the battery and rebooting.

Failing that, try pressing both volume up and volume down at the same time (keep holding) and then power. That should put you in fastboot mode and that should allow you to choose Reboot (or Restart--I can't remember) to get your phone booting into Android again.

Let us know!
#2 scary alien, Aug 4, 2014