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General T-Mobile domestic data roaming

So me and my wife both have phones through T-Mobile's Unlimited 2 Line/100 dollar plan. It says supposedly there's international data roaming and text included in this plan. But I haven't seen anything about domestic roaming?

Does anybody know if this is included with their unlimited plans?


#1 bg1287, May 25, 2015
Unfortunately, domestic roaming isn't included. They don't have roaming agreements with any (or maybe only a few) domestic carriers. What happens to me is that I see no signal at all when I don't have a T-Mobile signal.
#2 JimSmith94, May 26, 2015
Why roam? Use Wi-Fi Calling instead.
#3 NowVoyager, May 26, 2015
WiFi calling can help but there are tons of places without a WiFi signal.
#4 kate, May 26, 2015
Well it shows different works when I enable roaming, but it will say cannot register with network or something like that.

Because usually when I use my phone for calls, I'm in a service area. Not always the same with data which is why it'd be nice to be able to roam.
#5 bg1287, May 27, 2015